Ways to Use a Coffee Maker Properly

espressoOperating coffee machines have become quite common to many people all around the world. In Australia alone, there are millions of working class people who use coffee machines everyday for preparing and consuming. Although operating an automatic espresso brewer or a regular mocha pot seems like a piece of cake to these working class people, they do not know what to do if these machines stop functioning properly. And thus these people always keep contact with companies that offer coffee machine servicing. With their help, people in offices get to drink coffee every day without any problem.

If you are handling a brewing machine for the first time, follow these few simple steps. By following them you can easily brew some excellent espresso or cappuccino.

  • First of all, make sure that you place a coffee filter inside the basket meant for filtering, within the machine. Using a good quality filter rather than the generic bleached or natural ones is often recommended for achieving better results. Some machines also have pre-installed mesh filters.
  • The amount of coffee that you put in the filter must be in compliance with the water to coffee ratio of the machine. It is better to check the user manual for deciding the exact ratio of the machine you are using. The standard ratio is around 2 tablespoons per 30 milliliters of water.
  • For getting more flavoursome coffee, use freshly grinded beans instead of readymade coffee powder. Pre-ground beans for having their interior exposed to air, react with the atmosphere and tend to lose special and rare flavour compounds.
  • Do not pour water directly into the filter cavity of the machine. A compartment or open space is generally provided just above or behind the filter to hold water. If you have problem in locating the compartment, go through the instruction manual for help.
  • It is important to use the suitable coarseness for brewing, because ground beans exchange flavour substances with water and the coarseness of the coffee grounds can influence the ultimate flavour. Usually, machine that take more time for brewing require a coarser grind.
  • Temperature of the water must be around 91 to 96 degree celsius. Lower temperatures will not ensure proper extraction of flavours whereas hotter water might scald the grounds.
  • Plug in your coffee machine and switch it on. Some machines on being activated, automatically start the brewing process while others are provided with manual options to set the brewing time.

Office and domestic coffee machines in Melbourne are generally simple to use and come with a variety of settings and options to control the brewing process. With their modern and efficient designs, they intend to deliver a smooth and easier coffee making experience.

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