5 Popular Coffee Drinks in Melbourne

girl-drink-cappuccinoCoffee drinking is very popular in Melbourne and is second to none. Most of the people here are obsessed with the refreshing beverage and simply cannot imagine their day’s start without a cup of coffee. Several cafeterias and restaurants that are almost in every street are equipped with coffee vending machines in Melbourne. You can easily set the locals debating over the various cafes by inquiring them about their finest cafe tips. From espresso to caramel macchiato, all popular variants are available on the menu of Melburnian cafes. Each of the drinks have their own unique method of preparation.


This is a strong variant of the popular beverage and results from steam forced at a high pressure through aromatic and dark-roasted coffee beans inside an espresso maker. An espresso that has been brewed perfectly with have a dense, golden brown foam on its surface. If you drop a cube of sugar into it, it will float on the top for a few seconds before sinking slowly to the bottom. Just like frosting a cake, you can embellish a cup of espresso with whipped cream, steamed milk, sambuca, grappa or cognac.


Cappuccino is a hugely celebrated coffee drink among the people of Melbourne and even the most remote cafes in the city have it on their menu. A perfect cappuccino is a concoction of espresso in equal proportions, milk froth and steamed milk. This lavish drink, if prepared accurately, can be used as an excellent dessert. Iced cappuccino is a popular summer drink.


This coffee drink can be regarded as a mild form of espresso for it is prepared by mixing a single espresso shot with a cup of warm water. Although most people like to have it with milk and sugar, experts suggest of keeping the quantity of milk low for getting the most out of an Americano.

Caffe Latte

Caffe latte is made by mixing one espresso shot in 1:3 ratio with steamed milk. This drink tastes best when taken with cookies, sponge cakes and Italian bread. Sugar can be added as per taste.


This is usually prepared by adding chocolate powder or syrup to a caffe latte or a cappuccino. If you are visiting a cafe in Melbourne, make sure you ask them about the different variations of Mochachino available on their menu before ordering one.

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