Public Open Space Contribution While Land Subdivision By Vision Surveys Consulting, Perth

Importance of Legal Descriptions in Land Surveys

Every professional settlement agent is worthy enough to understand the importance of legal descriptions in real estate transactions. Legal descriptions are of high importance in commercial real estate deals – the investors have to exactly know what are they receiving. If the legal description is incorrect, then it will be creating dire consequences for the…

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How Should You Subdivide Your Block?

The process of creating legal and individual titles for units, parcels, shops, apartments, industrial and commercial buildings for enabling their separate usage and sale is termed as a subdivision. It is necessary for the subdivisions to comply with the stated requirements of Perth’s local planning scheme. The very first step involved in the subdivision process…

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A Boundary Survey Agency

5 Specific Reasons For Hiring A Boundary Survey Agency

A Boundary survey is essential for any residential property in Perth. Most house owners in Perth want to hire the expertise of licensed surveyors to settle several property description problems before becoming major problems. In this article, we will show 5 specific reasons to have your property surveyed. Property linesOne of the common reasons a…

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Vision Surveys Consulting

Boundary Survey – Meaning, Types, and Inclusions

We shall start with a clear introduction to the boundary survey. The formal way to define the properties’ boundaries is the boundary survey. The surveyors rely on boundary surveys for focusing extensively to define corners of a particular portion of land in Perth. Generally, boundary surveying is commissioned before purchasing, dividing, improving, and finally constrictions…

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