Coffee Makers – The Different Kinds of Devices for Brewing Coffee

A coffee maker is a cooking device used for brewing coffee. Commercial coffee making machines are manufactured in various sizes, types and models with different working principles. Whether your preference is an espresso, latte or something else, searching for the most suitable coffee machine that blends with your choice can be a lot of work.


Before purchasing a perfect coffee machine that suits your specific needs, you need to have first-hand information about the different types of coffee machines available in the market.

    • Electric Drip Coffee Machines – These coffee machines contain a heating material, a storage space that requires to be filled with water before the machine is started and a bowl like filter that holds grounded coffee. When the machine is turned on, the water gets heated up and gets dripped through the powdered coffee in a cup.
    • Vacuum Coffee Machines – These coffee machines are considered the best for brewing pure coffee free from any noticeable sediment. They are also a favourite of flavoured coffee lovers, because these machines are so designed as to impart the right aroma and flavour to the coffee.
    • French Press Coffee Machines – A french press coffee maker can extract a superior quantity of flavour and aroma even from crude coffee beans. It is also very simple to use and prepare coffee within minutes. French press coffee machines are provided with replaceable filters.
    • Espresso Coffee Machines – Coffee prepared by these machines is usually of a thick concentration and is very famous in Italy. At present, four variations of espresso coffee makers are available in the market – pump-driven, steam-driven, super-automatic and semi-automatic. These coffee makers are highly favoured for their design and can be cleaned easily and have replaceable parts.
    • Bean to Cup Coffee Machines – They make use of fresh beans of coffee rather than using grinded coffee. For each serving, the coffee beans are grounded and then brewed. Some latest models even provide settings for adding milk and frothing, according to the choice of the user.

Most of the above mentioned coffee machines can be used for domestic as well as commercial purposes. Sales of coffee makers have increased five times in the last few years. More and more companies are coming up with advanced designs for home and office coffee machines in Melbourne promising to make every cup of your morning-starter a refreshing one.

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