Why should videos be included in your 2021 digital marketing strategy?

Videos have indeed gained in popularity among average browsers, and the brands can get a higher ROI when they incorporate videos in their digital marketing strategy. Indeed, there are vital reasons for digital marketers to create videos, for their digital marketing mix in 2021, as few impressive statistics prove videos are highly important in digital marketing.

  1. 97% of marketers are claiming videos are helpful to their customers in understanding their products better. (Hubspot)
  2. As it has been predicted, over 80% of all the traffic will have a video by 2021. (Cisco)
  3. 81% of businesses are using videos as a part of their digital marketing strategies. (Hubspot)
  4. Live videos will bring in 13% of total traffic by 2021. (Cisco)
  5. Videos will increase the landing page conversion up to 80%. (Unbounce)
  6. 90% of consumers claim the videos will guide them towards better purchasing decisions. (Social Media Today)

The Types of Videos to be Incorporated into Digital Marketing in 2021
With the help of the digital marketers’ experts of distinguished digital marketing agencies in Perth, you can utilize the different types of videos which will earn you a series of successes.

  1. Facebook Live Videos that provide an unedited and raw look to the contents, the business is willing to put up. Facebook Live even facilitates the viewers in reacting and commenting on the videos in real-time.
  2. Interview Style Videos, specifically the short interviews comprising of the right employees provide an inside look at the core of your business while the professional level is maintained.
  3. Informative Videos With Proper Animation features the chief statistic regarding the business while upholding the best photos and short video clips along with the playful transitions with fun-filled graphics.
  4. Explainers help in educating the people regarding the product. It is used in conjunction with customer service activities, instructions, and more such applications.
  5. Product Reviews and The Demos Videos are good to be created when the brand ambassadors are marketing in exchange for free products. When your target is to boost your social following, it will serve them with free advertising. Likewise, you can find out the information concerning your product when your followers are reviewing and even the products are having immense engagement as well as comments. It will almost function as market research.
  6. Live Videos are the best ways to become close with your audience base and it works perfectly well particularly on social channels.

So What About the Video Length?
According to Hubspot, the ideal length of your video for different platforms should be:

  1. 30 seconds – Instagram
  2. 45 seconds – Twitter
  3. 1 minute – Facebook
  4. 2 minutes – YouTube

Through video promotions, customers can clearly and better understand the products and services’ benefits. It is convenient for consumers to watch the videos, and this has indeed proven to as an effective marketing strategy.

What Do the Statistics Say About Customer Behaviour in Relation to the Videos?

  • There are 64% – 85% more chances for the consumers to purchase a particular product or a service having a video representation.
  • About 75% of business professionals frequently watch promotional videos to get relevant products as well as services in which they are interested.

Reasons To Include the Videos in Your Digital Marketing Strategies

For Reaching Out to New Audiences
Since Perth based consumers are highly getting information through promotional videos, so you can present your business brand with interesting, informative, and appealing videos. Since Google prioritizes using the videos, along with introducing the video carousels in the search results, and all the Australians love the videos, so it is wise when you add the video contents to your digital marketing plan to keep your business ahead of other competitors.

For Providing the Valuable Information
Bounce rates will go high when the visitors are landing on your website and cannot figure out what should they do immediately. Through the videos, your Perth based audiences as well as the Australians all over will understand the purpose and the importance of your business when your videos are providing them with the needed information.

For Conversions
Video is the finest medium for conveying a message and even converting the viewers to long term potential customers. With the message being an interesting one, then publishing and producing the videos will be worth the resources.

Digital marketing has been increasing towards videos and it is essential for Perth’s customers not to miss it. With the help of the videos, you can have an edge over your competitors. So, you can reach new prospective audiences and help in increasing your sales. Through the videos, you can educate your customers while you suffice them with valuable services.

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