You Can’t Ignore! Digital Marketing Trends in 2021 (Part I)

It is all because of the pandemic that there has been a massive transformation in the retail landscape – the customers have rapidly developed new shopping habits and searching for the different products being provided by different brands. Thus, digital marketing has rapidly evolved, with virtual platforms developing and replacing in-person experiences. The marketers are now redesigning their previously done campaigns for acknowledging the new reality of the “new normal”.

Nevertheless, with the massive onset of renewed and developed technologies, trends, market behaviours the skilled marketers take action for the present and even look deep into the future.

Now, in 2021, brand marketers have started to modify the content, decide on the platforms for investing in, and framing the methods for customer engagement and retention. At the earliest, researching, strategizing, framing and planning are a must. As suggested by the digital marketing experts, it is predicted that for the remaining 2021, the determined marketers have to be prepared with certain strategies.

The New Social Media King – Short Form Videos
Short-form videos are the new forms of entertainment, and it is better when the first video promises to bring up a second part. The curious audience waits to know more and will certainly watch the second part once it is added.

TikTok has become the preferred platform befitting Gen Z. A major redesign has been implemented by Snapchat. Facebook has launched Instagram Reels for getting into action. With social media getting a high boost for all the generations, digital marketers have worked on redirecting the budgets to these ongoing channels.

Since the customers prefer quick and spellbound matters, the marketers ensure to target all the customers belonging to the younger generations, by investing in their strategies and execution of short-form videos.

Earlier in 2020, TikTok for Business has been launched, and it is all set for expanding its paid promotion as well as advertising options for 2021. The marketers now have to keep working on this platform.

By words, the short-form video development might seem simple, but the reality is otherwise. The short videos have to be balanced with branded messages with an associated carefree tone with the videos, and to get it done, a lot of customer research, creativity, and strategies should be put to practice. Averagely, Gen Z is having an 8-second attention span, so it is the right time now, to begin with, experimentation with the best ways for communicating product values, brand purpose, and call to action in short snippets.

A Short Prediction on Bonus
The method the shoppers adopt for researching varied brands and products on the social media platforms is evolving, is proceeding towards the popularity of social shopping through the short-form video platforms. As more than 30% of shoppers agreeing to directly shop using social media platforms, the marketers have to explore a list of creative ways for incorporating social media into the omnichannel e-commerce strategies.

The discussion contains more details; this is only a part of it put forward to get you set on for the modified versions of video marketing. The second part will focus on discussing the new challenge, new industry norm, and new expectations leading to taking up newer resolutions for the remaining year.

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