New Trends in Digital Marketing for 2021 (Part II)

With the onset of 2021, the digital marketing trends and policies have already been redefined and put to practice, specifically the contents and videos. In the previous discussion, we have stressed the importance of online retail marketing, and how short video marketing is an integral part of 2021.

The Trends to Look Out For: Practical Recommendations To Implement

This discussion revolves around the new challenges, new industry norms, and new expectations for digital marketing.

Protection for User Privacy Impacts Targeting: It is the New Challenge
Earlier most brands who had advertised on Facebook suddenly could not target a huge section of shoppers, which indeed had weakened their ad strategies as well as ROI. The chief reason being that the customers were worried regarding their data privacy.

So, the laws and privacy regulations have started serving as the blueprint for enacting digital laws in 2021. As stated by the privacy feature of Apple’s iOS 14 release, automatic data collection from the background will be stopped that is used to track personalised ads.

The method by which the industry is tracking, targeting, and re-targeting the customers will be undergoing major changes. It means, the marketers have to move out their old methods and practices. The necessary preparations to be taken up include – Being extremely attentive to consumer privacy and consents by following the current industry news.

Setting up a meeting with the marketing automation platform representatives for discussing the potential privacy changes and their likelihood to impact your working procedure.

Starting to convey the data collection’s value proposition to the customers for them to feel reassured about their privacy concerns being adequately addressed.

Marketing Automation as the New Industry Norm
As digital marketing technology growing sophisticatedly, marketing automation will soon become a much essential and necessary mainstream in the industry. The fluid and dynamic customer journey with a lot of touch-points existing across numerous devices, then the only predicting way for the outcomes by having the sophisticated attribution models along with accurate ROI calculation. As the company grows over time, the numbers will be impossible to track manually.

This is the ideal place for a marketing automation platform to come in. Rather, about 67% of marketing experts are leveraging the marketing automation tools already. Even if the marketing automation software is existing for years, the developers are regularly releasing new and innovative digital capabilities.

This particular technology in 2021 will be evolving further enabling the marketers to convert their leads better, generate quality personalised content and flexibly track results. Marketing automation is going to the only way for doing digital marketing with effect in 2021 and even beyond.

EMPHASISING on More Personalization is the New Expectation
The concerns regarding consumer privacy could be widespread, but 82% of shoppers will be only engaging with personalised marketing. Now the shoppers are moving out and unsubscribing from the mass email campaigns and preferring the personalised website pages over the generic ones.

The marketers in 2021 will have to customize both customer communications and customer experiences on the basis of customers’ interests, preferences, and behaviours.

Leveraging machine learning is the way for creating personalized, engaging communications. One vital instance of the company using machine learning for infusing more relevancy into the contents. The software is able to crank out the vital and best messages on the basis of the brand voice to be provided with, using the dictionary including emotional sentiments and language refinement – delivers higher personalized messaging.

It has been found that Air Canada, for testing its marketing copy had used Air Canada and discovered that the company could boost 5% more engagement through the effectual tone; and in the language reflecting on “exclusivity” and “safety” caused engagement drops.

All These Three Sums Up to Deciding On the Resolutions for the Remaining 2021
After a drastic 2020, 2021 came along full of unprecedented changes, and digital marketing is evolving in order to match the brands’ new habits and demand, along with that of the consumers. Thus, it can be safely said 2021 will mark itself off with the digital transformation continuation and engagement, involving innovative use of marketing strategies, technologies, and creative ideas to make the brand stand out.

When you are determined to go above your competitors by starting to practice the trends – creating new short videos, ensuring data privacy, abiding marketing automation and content personalization; then start to shift the resources, begin brainstorming sessions, and carrying out researches.

Partner with the digital marketing professionals for enjoying nimble growth. Being experts in their field, they are apt to help you in expanding your digital marketing efforts. You are sure to gain from the personalized dual relationship with your customers.

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