How To Maintain Colorbond Fencing

How To Maintain Colorbond Fencing05.jpgAlthough you might have heard it before many a times that Colorbond fences require very little maintenance, that ‘little’ includes some serious tasks that must be taken care of to keep the material looking as good as new. Many people own Colorbond fencing in Joondalup, but they do not always perform the following maintenance:

Giving A Wash :

Once a Colorbond fencing has been installed, the owner must make sure to wash it using a hose on a regular basis. Regular washes can help to remove cobwebs which generally tend to form within the posts and may hamper their aesthetic appeal. However, there is no need for a wash down on days of heavy rainfall, because the downpour would be equally effective in eliminating dirt, dust and cobwebs.

Removing Soil Accumulation :

Sometimes, excess soil may accumulate at the bottom of Colorbond fencing. If this happens, the soil buildup can retain water and lead to corrosion of the metal. It is therefore important to remove any accumulated excess soil using a shovel to ensure that water cannot collect around the base of the fences.

Preventing Rainfall Pooling :

Too much rainfall can have detrimental consequences on Colorbond fencing in case the water pools at its base. The best solution to this problem is ensuring sufficient drainage by making tiny holes in bottom rails. In case the rails do not have pre-punched holes and rainwater pooling occurs quite often, one must contact their local fencing contractor.

Taking Care So As Not To Spray Fertilisers :

While performing maintenance work on the garden or lawn, it is important to avoid spraying fertilisers or garden sprays on Colorbond fences. The chemical substances contained in such sprays can damage the material extensively.

Avoiding Touch-Up Paint :

Never ever should Colorbond fencing be decorated with touch-up paint to hide small damages such as minor scratches, dents, etc. The manufacturing process of Colorbond fences gives them their gloss and colour retention properties, and that’s why they will weather differently to touch-up paint.

Cleaning Graffitis :

It is not uncommon for mischievous kids or graffiti artists to vandalise Colorbond fencing. In order to remove graffitis from the material, one must use a remover as per guidelines given by BlueScope. In addition to that, it is also important to go through directions printed on the remover’s package.How To Maintain Colorbond Fencing 00Colorbond fences are designed to stand the tests of time, but they must be given the required and minimal maintenance properly. In fact, it is important to care for fences for all types, irrespective of what they are made of.

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