Best Upholstery Fabric Options For Pet-Owners

Furniture Restoration Sydney

If you have a pet pooch or kitty at your home, you must recognise the fact that their teeth, fur, and toenails can be quite hard on the upholstery of your furniture. However, there is something you can do to protect your furniture without making your furry friend unhappy.

When it comes to upholstery fabric in Sydney that can withstand bites and scratches from cats and dogs, there are a number of options for you to choose from. Besides that, most of these options are designed to be durable, strong and resistant to teeth and toenails of pets. Let’s see what and how these fabrics can provide protection against:


Most pet animals, particularly dogs and cats, have sharp teeth that can quite easily tear through loose fabrics having threads susceptible to pull and snag. In order to protect your furniture against the denticles of your pet, you can go with materials such as leather, microfiber, pleather, and canvas. This is because these options are less vulnerable to grip and pull. They can be further strengthened by securing tightly on furniture frames.


Leather, canvas, and pleather provide durable protection against scratches from toenails of pets as well. All of them have a sleek finish which can prevent your dog or cat from digging their nails into your precious furniture. If you are going for leather, make sure it is smooth and not distressed. A microfibre is a good option too, but it may not last long due to low density.


In case you are looking for something that can impede animal hairs from getting inside a fabric, the ideal options for you will be again leather, canvas, and pleather. This is because these upholstery materials either have a higher thread count or tight weave, both of which are effective in preventing the fur of your pet from forcing inside your furniture. If you want, you can also choose ultra suede – it can be easily cleaned using a bristle or lint brush and provides good fur resistance.

Apart from choosing a pet-proof fabric, you may also use slipcovers made of cotton, linen or canvas for added protection. They are designed for easy washing, replacement, and removal when there is a need to clean them. In order to prevent stains resulting from excrement, you can even use spray-on treatments on your couch upholstery.


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