How To Maintain The Powder Coated Fences

How To Maintain The Powder Coated Fences 02It is a great idea to install powder coated fences, especially in areas like Perth where weather tends to fluctuate randomly with changing seasons. Powder coated fences are generally cost effective, highly durable and environment friendly. They usually necessitate low maintenance and last longer than their regular counterparts. Generally companies providing powder coated fencing in Perth offer a warranty of two years for their product.

Though power coated fences are highly durable in nature, they are not completely indestructible. Certain levels of environmental and climatic changes may affect them adversely over time. Accumulation of dirt and clay in their joints and crevices can build a shelter for harmful insects and bacterias, which can ultimately result in breakdown of the coating. Powder coating generally protects Colorbond steel fencing from salt damage in locations that are close to the ocean. Therefore it is important to clean the product coated by it at least twice in a year in order to extend its lifespan.

Stated below are some simple steps that can be followed for performing the required maintenance work. Have a look at the details mentioned below:

  • Take a wet sponge and use it to wipe the fence for removing the loose dirt and soils. Alternatively, in order to make the task more easier you can make use of a soft brush.
  • Use mild detergent for eliminating the salt and other sticky deposits on the fence.
  • Make sure you avoid using solvent or petroleum based chemical detergents because they can damage the entire coating of your fence.
  • Mix the detergent with a bowl of warm water and use the mixture gently to clean the salt, dirt and other sticky deposits. Allow to dry naturally, or you can also use a soft cloth to dry and polish the material.

Pressure washing is another good option for cleaning the fence and sometimes it may provide more productive result than a sponge or brush washing.

Maintaining a powder coated fence is not that difficult or boring. The material only requires a minimum level of maintenance from time to time. The more rough is the climate, the more you will need to clean it up. Performing maintenance work for at least two times in a year can prevent the unwanted dirts and soils to build up and ensure protection from the adverse effects of harsh weather conditions.


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