Should I Replace Or Repair My Fences

Should I Replace Or Repair My Fences 01.jpgSome fences are strong, secured and durable in nature, while others do not provide privacy and only prevent pets and children from wandering off. Most metal fences are long lasting and can do well without maintenance on a regular basis. For example, aluminum fences generally do not rust. Then there are wrought iron options which can gradually rust over a long period of usage. But at the same time, the latter is stronger than the former.

No matter what type of fence you have installed around your property, it will necessitate structural maintenance at some point of time. For instance, may be a particular post of your steel fencing has got shifted out of place due to an accidental impact. It is always advisable to appoint a qualified and experienced professional dealing with different techniques of fencing repairs in Perth to cope with these kind of situations. A damaged fence can not only impart an ugly look to your landscape, but also fail to prevent your children or pets from straying.

When a fence gets damaged, whether it must be replaced or not depends on a few factors.

  • Firstly, severity of the damage
  • Secondly, type of damage
  • Thirdly, total estimated budget

In case the only issue with the fence is its appearance, then you might be able to solve it by having the fence painted. Just appoint a painting contractor and tell them about the type of fence you own & the kind of work you want. Stainless steel fence can rust when exposed to salt water or heavy precipitation. It must then be brushed with a wire fence to prepare for rust-inhibiting primer application. After that, it has to be painted with an exterior enamel.

If you have an iron, rusted fence, bear in mind the fact that the procedure for painting it would be very complicated. Thus make sure to hire a qualified professional who can handle the job efficiently. The process should start with rubbing the fence with a wire brush made of stainless steel in order to remove the dirt and rust. The next step will be washing the material with some good non ionic detergent. Once it has dried completely, a rust converter consisting tannic acid or phosphoric acid will be applied on it, and then an oil based primer. The fence should then become ready to be painted with an oil based paint.

If a portion of the fence is broken, warped or missing, you can fix the problem without replacing the entire section. In case it is an iron fence, the broken portion can be sawed off and substituted with a new one. However, if an entire section is warped or rusted, then it has to be replaced completely. Aluminum fences, on the other hand, are easier to repair than their wrought iron counterparts. This is because sections in aluminum fence are screwed up together and do not necessitate welding. Thus the broken part can be unscrewed and replaced without much hassle. In case there are bends or twists in a steel fencing, they can be hammered back into shape.


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