Daybeds Redefine The Style of Traditional Lounging

Daybeds Redefine The Style of Traditional LoungingSomewhere in the middle of a bed and a couch, daybeds are just perfect for taking a short nap in the afternoon, or even enjoying peaceful sleep at night. Not only do they provide a cushioned support to prop the body, but also offer a place to rest your feet on. Besides that, they are a great addition to any home as well. This is because by purchasing a daybed, you can have ample seating and a comfortable place to relax in one furniture.

While explaining what a daybed actually is, it can be safely said the piece of furniture is a bed, sofa and also a chaise. It features a back to lean on, a chaise for reclining and lounging, and sides as armrests. It is an excellent option for apartments or townhouses with limited space and can enhance the aesthetic potential of any living space within your house.

Daybeds come in a wide variety of styles, ranging from traditional to contemporary and also everything in between. However, the one you purchase for your living space should complement the existing decor of your room. For example, if you have linear and modern furniture at home, go for a low profile daybed with chrome detailing and sleek lines. On the other hand, if antique pieces adorn your house, choose something more curvaceous with a classical style and intricate detailing.

The upholstery of a daybed is quite easy to decide and you would not have to do much research for choosing a certain colour scheme. If you want the furniture to feature a bold theme, opt for leather upholstery and darker colours. Not only will they set a masculine mood, but also hide stains better if you have pets or kids at home. In case you want a feminine feel, you can contact a reputed firm offering upholstery services for daybed in Northern Beaches and have the furniture dressed in lighter fabrics like microfibre and cotton.

You can also decorate your daybed as per your own preferences and requirements. For example, you may place a small cluster of tables near it that would collectively act like a coffee table or nightstand for your novel and water tumbler. You can even keep a cozy rug near it for more underfoot comfort. Using throws and cushions is a great idea as well to add pattern and hue. It would even add a sense of congeniality to the room.

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