Steps To Toner Cartridge Storage For Avoiding Damage

It often comes as a surprise when your office printers are totally exhausted. That is why most offices make sure to buy toner cartridges in bulk and online to make sure their huge scale printing work goes on smoothly without disruptions. Since the printer cartridges are associated with the expiration dates, so they have to be properly stored for avoiding bad printing quality or issues related to printer damages on being installed. Through proper storage steps, the toner cartridges will be secured and be used for further quality prints.

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As soon as you get used to the best practices for carefully storing the newly bought toner cartridges, it will reward you with efficient prints both in quality and in quantity.

The toner cartridges must be kept upright in their original packaging
Right, when you purchase the toner cartridges you need to follow the correct storage practices. The leading manufacturers of printers like Dell and Epson always recommend keeping the toner cartridges safely in their original packaging till the time comes for them for being used. Thus, air and dust particles penetration inside the toner cartridge will be prevented, and the cartridge will not have to suffer the dangers of performance alterations when it is put to use. The newly bought toner cartridges must be stored in the upright position so the contents do not shift to one side and colors are not mixed.

The toner cartridges should be stored in dark, dry, and cool places
After buying the toner cartridges, you have to shift them to a place that is cool, dry, and dark. At the same time, you need to ensure the cartridges have not been exposed to extreme temperatures that are below 50°Fahrenheit or above 90°Fahrenheit. They should ideally be stored at room temperatures within the range 60°Fahrenheit to 75°Fahrenheit. The printer ink is likely to bubble up and then leak in extreme heat conditions. Alternatively, the extreme cold conditions will result in the ink being separated. Due to both the issues, the toner cartridges might be rendered unusable later.

By no means should the toner cartridges ever be stored near chemicals?
After buying the toner cartridges, be absolutely specific not to store them in closets or cabinets where the gaseous cleaning materials like ammonia or bleach had been placed or are still there. The chemicals present in the gaseous cleaning materials are likely to degrade the toner composition in the cartridge, thereby reducing their shelf life thus rendering them useless. But with proper care and placing them in the right environment, both the printer and toner cartridges will be possible to store for two years and with no signs of deterioration.

Make sure to check the “Best-Before Date”
While purchasing the toner cartridges, make sure to check the date and expiration date as recommended by the manufacture sell. It is an indication that the manufacturer, despite Canon, Brother or Lexmark is not giving any guarantee that the printer cartridge will be delivering quality result after a particular time period. But, a toner cartridge can be ideally used before it expires. Some people are known to install the printer cartridges after the “best-before” dates. In case, you have decided on the same, then check the issues like initializing problems or the print head clogging.

Typically, the toner cartridges do not expired but you cannot ignore proper storage. The toner cartridges have to be correctly stored for reducing the damage risks and ensuring higher performance. With the storage of the toner cartridges being the focus, the prime three concerns are heat, light, and moisture. The cartridge could lose its photosensitive properties on being exposed to light. The toner powder inside the cartridge could melt when exposed to heat. Being exposed to moisture will result in the toner powder clumping together. So, storing them in cool, dark, and dry places is absolutely essential.

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