A Comprehensive Guide On Toner Cartridges

A toner cartridge is one of the main components of a printer. This printer component is also known as laser toner. This is very ideal for bulk printing but most of the users do not have a basic knowledge about this consumable component. A toner cartridge generally consists of the high-quality toner powder, dry & fine plastic mixture, colouring agent and carbon.

It can help to print the real image on a paper. The working principle of this cartridge is simple. The toner is generally transferred to the paper through an electrostatic drum unit and then it is fused on the paper with the help of a heated roller while printing. Undoubtedly, the toner cartridge is very advantageous. This component has become very popular because of its reliability and cost-effectiveness. Here you will know everything about this printer’s component.


What are the types?
Based on the manufacturing process, the toner printer cartridge is generally classified into three different types. They include OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer cartridge, compatible cartridge and re-manufactured cartridge.

OEM cartridge: These cartridges are generally made of the original printer manufacturers. They can be referred to as genuine printers and considered as high-quality cartridges as compared to third parties or local cartridges.

Compatible cartridge: These are generally made of third-party or local manufacturers and sold them under several brands. Compatible cartridges are less expensive and as we discussed, they are not high-quality cartridges.

Re-manufactured cartridge: These are the refurbished cartridges. In the remanufacturing process, the inks refilled into the ink chambers by using the injector tools. Refilled cartridges are very beneficial because they save money.

Comprehensive Guide On Toner Cartridges

How to replace a faulty toner cartridge?
Toner cartridges can be easily replaced. You can replace it at your home. At first, you have to lift the cover and then open it properly. After that, take out the empty or damaged cartridge from the printer. While removing, do not damage the other components inside the laser printer. Once you have removed, take out the new one from its package which is recently purchased from the retail or online store. Now shake it 6 to 8 times and then remove the sealing tape carefully. After that, place it inside the printer. You should maintain proper care during the installation. Finally, close the printer cover and check whether is it working or not.

Now, you have a proper idea about a toner cartridge. In Sydney, many offline and online companies offer high quality and branded toner cartridges at a low cost. If you want to replace it with your old one then purchase this from them soon.


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