5 Digital Marketing Trends For The Brands During COVID-19

The global authorities for mitigating the effects and spread of COVID-19 are taking necessary measures. These are uncertain times nevertheless, the firms of all sizes and shapes are struggling to keep themselves going. The companies have to influence the systematic approach for strengthening the resilience of their present business models so that their operations go on smoothly. The business models are influenced by digital technologies and the firms are taking steps to get rid of the global crisis. There could be an impact on product launches, employee wellbeing, supply chain access, and business continuity.

Google Marketing Shares Five Principles for Guiding the Digital Marketing Campaigns in the times of COVID-19

Digital Marketing Campaign With the Help of Five Principles

First Principle: Context Remains Indomitable
The global pandemic has influenced the stakeholders and the organizations have to understand it. Local context is the basis to help the firms to cater to the employees’ needs as well as the internal and external stakeholders of the company.

Organizations like MNCs and TNCs trust the subsidiaries of the country to decide the planning on the local market needs; the local management team will make the final decisions.

Second Principle: Reassessment Must be Constant
During health crises, market dynamics go through rapid changes. Hence, the marketers have to conduct the campaign reassessments, creative collaterals, and marketing guidelines to meet up with the changes. Past decisions will not be appropriate later. The organizations have to reassess the marketing aspects of the brad from the owned and paid channels like the video ads automated email messages.

Third Principle: Taking the Creative Considerations into Account
Along with marketing campaigns reassessment, the brand’s creative campaign elements have to be scrutinized constantly at this very point. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the organizations to conduct a careful evaluation of their messaging – starting from the tone, copy, visual imagery, media placement, and keywords. For instance, the slapstick humour does not hold true amidst the health crisis.

Fourth Principle: Changing the Priorities During the Uncertainties
The management team is responsible for taking to the helm and navigating the firm when uncertainty persists. That is the exact reason for making the executive decision for evaluating their media budget along with the shift priorities towards the customers’ online demands.

At present, the organizations must have a mandate, which can be of different uses. It could be for the betterment of their employees and the customers too so the brands have taken their digital marketing facilities to the specific advocacy to bring about an improvement in the customer’s lives while they are restricted to their homes.

Fifth Principle: Contributing and Helping at Possible Opportunity
At this time, in particular, the organization members have to work jointly to help everyone. So, it is essential for organizations to find out innovative and creative ways for helping their partners, consumers, and stakeholders. After analyzing the digital assets of the brand and deciding the best possible opportunities, the companies determine how the brand is going to support the advocacies, intensify information dissemination and even make donations.

Creating A Digital Marketing Campaign With the Help of Five Principles:

As the terrible effects of COVID-19 go on, the marketers keep these valuable five principles in mind and create a functional digital marketing campaign.

marketing campaigns - young-man-holding-his-laptop1st Tip:
Adjusting the marketing campaigns and by making a reassessment of the schedules made for the content timelines. The organizations have to accomplish is auditing the digital content currently in the flow for the upcoming months by:

• Making a decision which matters must be put to immediate hold
• Considering the campaigns are to be prioritized.

2nd Tip:
Carrying out a Careful Evaluation of the Language and Imagery of the Brand. One of the powerful tools is visual communication, specifically when the times of uncertainty are proceeding. So, the business owner must be careful of the brand’s message.

• The visual crowds have to be avoided since it is of no help for promoting social distancing
• Rephrasing the marketing messages which connote on close interaction

3rd Tip:
Going Against Capitalising During the Crisis. During the crisis or tragedy, the organizations have to remember that no profit must be made from the fears and anxieties prevailing in the market. Be careful to

• Keeping the stakeholders informed.
• Avoid being an alarmist

4th Tip:
Remaining updated and positive but not ignorant. It is normal for the people to become and feel ill at ease when the health crisis has still not bid farewell. The organizations do not have to fill their minds with negativity, rather they should:

• Consider the core values of the brand for guidance
• Follow the humanist path

5th Tip:
Highlighting the Ways by Which the Brands Might Help. The main reason for the brands to exist is that they provide value to their target market. The companies can tell stories about their brand ready to support the consumers’ lives when they are living in quarantine. The brands can:

• Communicate with the customers about the benefits
• Create helpful content

Although now the situation is troublesome, yet the same will not continue in the future. The marketing strategies practised now will prove to be of immense help in the later phase. People will remember the brand names who were active despite the pandemic, as they will build up trust in the very brands of receiving the same undeterred services in the future.


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