What Are The Different Types Of Wrinkles?

Rejuvenate your skin - 24K Skincare ProductsWrinkles are the natural dynamic & static lines that mostly show up in your face due to aging & excessive sun exposure. They mostly appear on the upper portion of your lip, cheek, necks, and forehead. Wrinkles & fine lines are the common signs of aging. However, they can be removed by using anti-aging creams & organic skincare products. The 4 major types of wrinkles or creases & their treatment procedure. So, let’s start the discussion below:

Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids
Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids wrinkles are little parallel lines mostly found on your face. However, these fine lines can disappear when you stretch your skin. Atrophic Crinkling Rhytids generally occur when your skin starts losing its elasticity & collagens. Basically, UV exposure mainly unleashes the free radicals of skin that can break collagens & elastin.

Permanent Elastic Creases
Permanent Elastic creases are also called permanent face lines that show up when you get older. These little fine wrinkles are mostly found on your upper lip, cheeks, necks as well as foreheads. Frequent & repeated light exposure is mainly responsible for the permanent elastic creases. Apart from that, these little wrinkles are also caused by excessive smoking. This is because, when you smoke, you expose the surface of the skin to several kinds of chemicals as well as carcinogens.

Dynamic Expression Lines
Last but not the least, dynamic expression lines mostly appear due to the muscle movements of your face. These types of wrinkles are found on your neck, eyes, forehead, eyes as well as mouth. Dynamic expression wrinkles are also natural. They are mainly caused by your facial expressions.

Gravitational folds
Gravitational folds mostly appear in your face naturally. Generally, your skins always tend to lose the original texture & shape over time. Apart from that, they also start sagging and folding as well. The gravitational folds are mainly caused by the skin collagen & elastin lacking. Proper anti-aging creams help to remove these folds and keep the skin tighter.

How to remove these wrinkles
Wrinkles, skin blemishes, fine lines, and crow feet are natural things & they can be eliminated in many ways. There are tons of tons of cosmetics & skincare products available in the market. Apart from that wrinkle removing treatment is also available. However, organic skincare products can be very ideal for your wrinkles & fine lines. Organic products are made of 100% natural & genuine ingredients that help to improve your skin texture and tone. Apart from that, they do not have any side effects & they are suitable for any type of skin.

Wrinkles are natural and they can either be criss-cross or parallel but they damage your skin texture & appearance. However, organic and anti-wrinkle skincare products help to reduce them and make the skin younger.



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