Key Features Of Foam Essential For Upholstery

The foam suppliers throughout Southern Highlands supply foam for upholstery purposes, ensuring the foams are of rich quality for the upholstery to last for long. Indeed, the upholstery foam stuffed in during construction defines the firmness and softness of the cushions, couches, bedheads, easy chairs, and sofas.

Nevertheless, a brief and clear discussion of the different features of the upholstery foam will help to choose the upholstered furniture properly.

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i. Soft To Firm Upholstery Foam

Choosing new furniture or reupholstering the old one ought to be done wisely. In the first place, you have to know about the foam’s compression measurement. Foam supplier in Southern Highlands supplies the polyurethane foam for firmness in upholstery and compression measurement. The pressure amount required for pressing the foam down to one-fourth of its height determines the polyurethane. Indentation load deflection is the test done for measuring the compression. The seat cushions with average firmness of ratings within 24 to 30 are suitable for the living room furniture while the more firmness ones of ratings within 30 to 36 are apt for the drawing rooms.

ii. Foam Density

The weight of the foam’s one cubic foot determines the polyurethane quality. The foam’s weight indicates its density. The best quality foam has a density level between 1.8 to 3.2. The density and longevity are directly related to each other – better quality foam lasts longer and even springs back. When you are selecting foam for reupholstering the seat cushions, then the best is the foams with density ratings 2.5 and higher.

iii. Fire Resistant Capacity

Fire-resistant foams reduce the potentiality of foam getting ignited from the fire threats. Even if the candle tips over, or there is a nearby fireplace, the high resilient and fire-resistant rating foams will always last longer without being affected by the flames.

iv. Closed Or Open Cells Foam

Polyurethane foam comprises of cells which could be open or closed. Open cells are common and are open to the neighbor cells. But the closed cells are the opposite – they are not open to the neighbor cells, so the foams float longer. Closed foams are generally used for seat cushion upholstery.

v. Foam Shape And Size

The upholsterers can cut the foams for upholstery into desired sizes to exact specifications and even in pieces. It is even easy to glue them together as joining the open cells, is easier. The upholstery foam can be cut to circular pillars, triangular wedges, and be used for bolsters, small rectangles, disc shapes, and squares for pillows, camper mattresses, padding furniture arms, thin sheets, and walls and valances to be fabric covered.

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Upholstery chiefly depends on the fabric foam, and the features qualify the foam as the use-worthy one. So, while selecting the foam for upholstering your furniture, you have to be acquainted with its specific traits and choose the right one to save money, and also to enjoy its longevity.

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