Marked Differences between Toner Cartridges and Drum Units

Marked Differences between Toner Cartridges and Drum Units

High quality and better speed have popularised the laser printers at the offices as well as the households. A laser printer is a complete functioning device with two vital components – toner cartridge and the drum unit. Both work combined to generate standard print quality, and also allows the printer to function smoothly and efficiently. Nevertheless, there are a few differences between the toner cartridges and drum units, which are highlighted in the following section.

i. Electric Charge and Printing
The change occurring in the electric charge is responsible for transferring the toner particles on the paper. Electric charge is the force on which the laser printing process functions. The toner ink particles face the effect of the changes made in the electric charge. Even these result on the particles in a page print with the drum rotation.

ii. Drum Unit and Toner Cartridge
The toner cartridge is the designed container containing the toner powder particles, which receive the electric charge. On the other hand, the drum unit is defined as the electrically charged cylinder holding the image, which will be transferred on the paper using the electric charge. The sheet undergoes fusion and comes out as the printout with the perfect impression. Both function together. The toner powder needs both the cartridge and drum unit to get transferred on the papers.

iii. Drum Unit Functionality
The drum unit functions with the help of electrostatic polarities to transfer the toner powder particles from the toner on the paper. Receiving the electrical charge, the drum draws the image on the paper while the remaining drum unit is neutral. As the drum functioning with electrostatic charge attracts the toner powder particles and puts it on the photosensitive roller within the drum unit. When the electrostatic charge draws the image on the drum, it is transferred on the paper and comes as a printout. So, the drum unit is also the “imaging unit” and even “image drum”.

iv. Replacing the Toner Cartridges and Drum Units
Both the toner cartridges and the toners have to be replaced averagely as long as the printer lasts. But toner cartridges need frequent refilling and replacement compared to the drum units. Alternatively, the drum units are replaced when three to four toners have already been replaced.  Even if the toner cartridges are frequently replaced yet removing or replacing the toners does not disturb the drum unit.

The toner cartridges and the drum units differ in terms of functionality, and both are dependent on each other for the printer to work flawlessly. The differences between the two lies on the electrostatic charge and the toner powder particles. These two components keep the toner cartridge and the drum unit deliver a fine printout.

Toner cartridges and drum units are the operating components in the laser printers, having their functional difference to deliver the desired printout.



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