Major Facts Of A Drum Unit Of A Laser Printer

The printer drum unit is one of the major components of a printer. This unit helps to attract toner particles with the help of electrostatic polarities. The drum unit is also called image unit. Based on the model number and brand of the printer the drum unit is designed.

Toner Body Image

How Does A Drum Unit Work?
The drum unit always acts as a photoconductive unit. It can serve as an image processor. Generally, a drum unit of a laser printer is a set of different parts that can help to transfer a digital image into the drum surface. This electrically charged unit can easily transfer the toner powder to the paper for creating images and texts on the paper.

How To Charge A Drum Unit?
The drum unit is positively charged. The electrostatic character is generally achieved in two different methods. In some printers, corona wire is used. The current can pass through the corona wire and make the unit charged. On the other hand, in modern printers, separately charged cylinders are used instead of corona wire. These are 2 different methods to charge a printer drum unit. However, the working principle of drum unit is the same for both methods.

Can A Laser Printer Works Without The Drum Unit?
Laser printers can always depend on the drum unit for transfusing and creating images or texts into the paper. This means a laser printer can not be able to give any kind of printout without the drum unit.

Why The Question Of Toner Cartridges vs Drum Units?
The question of toner cartridges vs drum unit can arise because the laser printers are manufactured in different ways. Though both components are very common for all modern laser printer models, some of the models like HP printers come with the toner cartridge with a built-in drum unit. On the other hand, these 2 components are separated in many printers like Brother.

This means, when the laser cartridge or the drum unit of your HP laser printer is damaged completely, you need to replace or repair the entire unit whereas you will never change the entire unit of your Brother printer because the drum unit and the cartridge can be separated in the Brother printer. So, you just need to take care of your damaged unit only.

Toner Body Image 2.png

It is concluded that drum unit is the most important component of a laser printer. It makes the printing process very easier. However, the design of a drum unit generally varies depending on the printer’s model.

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