Web Page Layout and Designs That Elevate SEO Perth Avoids

A web page layout is basically the framework of a website. It aims to structure effectively, categorize & present the information a site has, which in turn shines the light on the most essential content & best pages for the user. Overall, web page design offers simple paths for navigation & present information to both the site users and the search engines.

Web Page Layout and Designs That Should Avoids

Web page layouts that are most common and effective include the F-layout, zigzag layout and grid layout. These web page layouts are very important for SEO & offers great user experience. Elevate SEO Perth makes sure to design the web page using these layouts. These layouts are easily navigable and help engage users as well as visitors to stay on the website for long. However, the web page layout practices and designs that Elevate SEO Perth avoids are:

Lack of white space: White space usually refers to areas, which are left blank on an online portal. It produces clean design & helps group any related information. However, lack of any white space may affect the user experience or UX negatively, preventing the visitors from scanning a website with ease & making it hard for their eyes to concentrate on graphics and text.

Poor website design for mobile devices: A lot of people are using mobile phones & tablets nowadays in order to search for information. This means that it has become important for online portals to be designed keeping mobile devices in mind. Not considering the mobile users or lack of mobile-friendly design can lead to a fall in website traffic. Moreover, nowadays Google crawls & indexes only those web pages that have mobile versions of their websites. So, websites that have zero mobile-friendly designs can see their position drop in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs).

Slow loading time: According to Google, if page load time generally increases the probability of bounce rate increases as well. It has been found that 53% of mobile site visitors leave a page, which takes longer than 3 seconds to load. A search engine has even indicated that the load time of a page and site speed is generally used by its algorithm for ranking the pages. Consequently, slow page load time can limit your web presence in the search engines.

These web page layouts are complicated – the users leave the page & head back to SERPs when companies use these. This reaction actually informs the search engine that the web page did not satisfy the query of the searcher and thus results in a lower ranking.


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