Distinction Between Web Designer and Developer

At present, there is not much of a gap between a web designer and a web developer. The web designers are starting to learn to code more seriously and the web developers are looking at the aesthetics of a website minutely. So, now the question arises, is web developer and designer are both same or are there some differences between them?

Let’s find it out in this article.

Who is a Web Designer?

A web designer is someone who designs the layout of your website. His or her work mainly focuses on the design of a website. A web designer makes sure that your website looks attractive to your visitors. They use various tools such as Adobe, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch to design the layout of your website. While designing the layout, a web designer has to follow some basic principles of web designing such as colour, contrast, balance, unity, and much more. By following these principles and using these tools, he or she is able to create a flawless website designing.

Making Your Website Ideal for Your Business

The main role of a web designer is to make your website ideal for your customers. When they visit your website, they should get to know about your working principle and your mission. In this way, they will be able to connect with your brand properly.

A web designer will hear from you what you need from your website and will create a design accordingly. Also, they will make sure that your website looks good because no one likes to visit a website that does not sooth the eyes of the visitor. So, web designing is a must for any business website at this age.

Web Designer and a Developer

Who is a Web Developer?

The work of a web developer is more analytical. His or her job is to take the design from the designer and encode that into the website. Web developers many create the web pages. They use the latest technology to make sure that the website gets published. They are bothered about the clean codes and not so much about the looks of the website. A good web developer will always look at the working of the web pages rather than its look.

Which One is Better as a Career Option?

Both the job roles of the developer and the designer will ensure that you get a lucrative salary. Also, the perks and the promotions will be quite frequent. You are a creative person then you should choose the designer role whereas if you are an analytical person then the developer’s role is for you.

Finally, both developers and designers have to work in unison in order to set up a great website.

Distinction Between a Web Designer and a Developer


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