Tips To Prevent Residential Theft

tips-to-prevent-residential-theftsThefts and robberies are quite common in most regions of Australia, be it a metro city or a suburban area. As per the reports of ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics), they are not dangerously frequent in states like Western Australia and New South Wales, but nearly 48 percent of the ones that take place result in property damage. Recovering from a break-in is generally something very stressful, and may require around 4 months for restoration of what has been lost.

Fortunately, there are certain effective tips that can be followed to prevent incidences of residential theft from occurring. Let’s take a detailed look at them:

Eliminating Cover

One of the best ways to deter perpetrators is by nullifying the features in a property that they can use as cover. For instance, if there are dense bushes and large trees obscuring the main door, they should be cut down or trimmed short. Similarly, installing motion sensor lights near the doorway can also help. In case the street lamps in immediate vicinity are not working, they should be reported straight away.

Setting Up A Barrier

Burglars can also be kept at bay by setting up barrier all around the house and property. A simple timber door should be replaced with a metal one with heavy bolts. Windows should be secured using security screens or grilles. Also, it is important to have a strong fence along the perimeter of the property. There are many reputed firms that provide sturdy steel fences and gates in Perth.

Having Alarm Systems Or A Watchdog

Installation of effective alarm systems can help to augment a residential property with an additional layer of security. Nowadays, they come in a wide range of effective options and all one needs to do is pick a good one from the market. Besides that, having a large dog on watch can instill fear in thieves also.

Looking Out For Each Other In The Community

Within a neighbourhood community, members generally help each other to prevent crime. For instance, during the absence of someone, their neighbours keep an eye out for any kind of suspicious activity at his or her property. In case they find anyone making attempts to intrude, they can immediately report it to the cops.

If you don’t want to become an unfortunate victim of a break-in or robbery, make sure you follow as well as implement the above mentioned tips.

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