How Do Carpet Beetles Invade Homes & Cause Damage?


Carpet beetles are a common pest in many suburbs of New South Wales. According to the belief of many experts, they are attracted by certain odours and scents. They become more frequent during the summer months and gain entry into households through doors, screened openings and windows. Their body structure is such that they can even pass through tiny holes and small crevices.

When carpet beetles  invade a house, they usually do so in order to find a suitable place for laying eggs. They often occupy concealed spots, such as underside of cabinets and tables, along baseboard (especially at the meeting point of carpet and moulding), inside closets and under rugs. The adults generally tend to change their hiding places, which makes it all the more difficult to detect their presence.

The most annoying infestation caused by carpet beetles is within closets. Once these pests have occupied a closet or a wardrobe, they start chewing holes into clothes. Many people mistake them as moth bites, but moths usually fly near the clothes that they damage. Besides that, their cocoons and pupa casing can also be found within the clothes. But same is not the case when it comes to carpet beetles. After feeding on fabric material, their larvae shift somewhere else in order to pupate.

Preventing damage caused by carpet beetles is not always easy. This is because these pests stay active within small areas and also occupy several such areas at the same time. Finding them or determining their presence is also quite difficult. What’s worse is that these insects have a special kind of defence mechanism for protection against common treatments. Even if a homeowner is successful in getting rid of the adults and larvae, he or she would less likely be able to destroy the pupae and eggs, which hatch with a protective encasing that safeguards them from any chemical treatment.

The best way to deal with carpet beetles is by hiring efficient professionals offering IPM pest control in Dee Why. Instead of using conventional chemicals, they would make use of human-friendly strategies for achieving long-term results. Besides that, they will also implement suitable measures for keeping future infestations at bay.

So if you think that there are carpet beetles in your house, get in touch with a reputed IPM pest control firm today and say goodbye to these critters forever.

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