Top 6 Pests Found Around Homes In Australia

Pest Control Takes Care of Unidentified Ant Species at JBPHH

Household pests are common in Australia. Here you will get to know the six most common pests that are found around homes in this nation. Have a look:

Termites – These are one of the most destructive pests in Australia. They cause a lot of damage to homes. Areas like Brisbane, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth and Dee Why face more risk of these pests because of the huge concentration of buildings & associated climate. One out of four homes have them in their lifetime. And the damages caused by them are not even covered by most of the home insurance policies. So getting rid of them involves a lot of money. They can best be managed by qualified Dee Why pest control professionals.

Cockroaches – These household pests like living in kitchens, wall cavities and warm homes. They generally come out after dark. They feed on all kinds of food and carry diseases. The disease they spread include dysentery, gastro-enteritis and salmonella. Childhood asthma and eczema are also associated with cockroach droppings.

Mice – They multiply quickly and happen to be active in all seasons. They usually nest in quiet and warm places such as cavity walls and lofts and gnaw constantly. They are known for damaging furnishings, contaminating food & other materials, causing house fires and spreading disease. These menacing creatures were introduced in Australia by European settlers and it has been since then that they’ve been a problem.

Bed bugs – Apart from locating them on bed, they can even be found in crevices and cracks. What they do is feed on human blood and controlling them is a very difficult process. This is because they spread very quickly. The services of professionals are recommended to get rid of them from house. One out of ten people encounter these pests while travelling in Australia and one in four encounter them overseas. Bed bugs are traveller’s biggest fear. About eighty-six percent Australians said that if they find any online review that mentions that the property has bed bugs, they won’t stay there.

Ants – Ants travel in a wide range and visit homes in look out for food, following trails they’ve established & clustering around food source. Their nests are generally located on the lawns in dry, warm soil & under paving. They are ubiquitous and prefer sunny climates. They have become a nuisance in businesses, organisations and homes.

Flies – Flies are very much a part of Australian culture just like corked hats and things. They pose a health risk to human beings, livestock and pets and can spread diseases like E-coli and Salmonella. It can turn into a serious problem if left uncontrolled.

What kind of pest do you see around your home? No matter what, in order to prevent and control the infestation of any of these pests, just get in touch with a professional Integrated Pest Management company.

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