Equipment Used For Making Acrylic Display Stands

Equipment Used For Making Acrylic Display Stands1.jpgManufacturing acrylic displays is something that requires a lot of skill and patience. Have you ever wondered what machines and tools your service provider uses for creating those beautiful plinths? Or how do the professionals manage to create such exquisite acrylic cosmetic displays with an admirable finish? Well you do not need to wonder anymore.

Let’s have a look at some fundamental equipment pieces used for crafting Perspex displays:

  • Bender : 

    The bender is generally utilised to bend an acrylic sheet by application of water circulation and infra-red heating system. It locates the angle accurately and bends the sheet quickly. The machine is efficient enough for ensuring that the workpiece does not have bubbles or goes out of shape.

  • Laser Cutting Tool : 

    As the name suggests, this tool is used to cut an acrylic board. It ensures a high amount of accuracy in the production of displays that need to be absolutely flawless, such as those used for exhibiting cosmetics. It helps in achieving much better results than the normal cutting tools.

  • Edge Trimmer : 

    The edge trimmer comes handy when a Perspex display has to be pared off or its edges require polishing. Most reputed companies in Australia dealing with plastic fabrication make use of the edge trimmer to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the final product.

  • Buffing Machine : 

    This equipment is utilised primarily to perform medium frequency polishing and grinding. Its usage generally depends upon specifications of the case or stand that needs to be prepared. A buffing machine is ideal to be used on products with low hardness.

  • Polishing Equipment : 

    A polishing equipment or tool aids in polishing the surfaces and edges of an acrylic display. It comes in different types, with each type having its own distinct functions, such as cloth-wheel polishing equipment, grinding equipment, etc.

  • Carving Machine :

    This is one of those tools in the repertoire of a reputed plastic fabrication company that plays a significant role in improving production efficiency. The stylish texts and designs that we generally see carved on PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) displays are all wonders of the carving machine.

  • Flame Polisher :

    Another equipment widely used in the production of acrylic stands, a flame polisher is useful in polishing sharp burrs present on edges of a stand. It helps in imparting a smooth and bright look to the burrs.


Apart from the above mentioned tools, there are many other equipment pieces used in the production of acrylic products. However, these are the most important machines that a plastic fabrication company can just not do without.


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