Things That Need To Be Cleaned Regularly In An Office

Things That Need To Be Cleaned Regularly In An Office
An office needs to be in a spick and span condition all time. For this, there are many things that need regular cleaning. Want to know what those things are?

Computer and Keyboard

It is the computer screen where we look everyday and every time in office when carrying out our work. It thus needs to be clean all time. Mouse is also another essential component, which is hardly taken care of in most of the offices. Keyboard is also another one. It has in fact been found out in a recent study that it is the keyboards in office that have more harmful bacteria than a toilet seat. They are infrequently cleaned. If you are reading this and happen to be in office, just shut down the PC, unplug the keyboard & mouse, shake out any kind of dust, lint as well as other crap and wipe them down using disinfectant alcohol wipes right now.

Work Desk

This is the place where we keep all our important things for office use. Things like computer, pen, important files or papers, notepads and such other things are all kept here. All these things need to be removed everyday and kept right at their place for efficient cleaning of the work desk. If not cleaned regularly, the space may get dirty and create different kinds of health problems for employees.

Trash Cans

A lot of offices just takes out the trash from the can and puts a fresh bag inside again without cleaning it. This is something which needs to be avoided. It should be cleaned regularly. After taking out the trash, the can needs to be washed and sprayed with a disinfectant. And every week, it needs to be given a good scrub with a bleach-based solution for ensuring it is clean and tidy. Even if a small colony of bacteria happens to be growing on the lid of the can, it can be harmful for the health of the individuals present in the office.

Floor or Flooring Material

Your office floor or flooring material is one of the most important things that needs cleaning everyday. Whether you have a tiled floor or a carpeted floor, a professional should be hired for carrying out the cleaning task. There are many cleaners who offer tile cleaning and carpet cleaning services in North Sydney. Just hire one of them for doing the task on a regular basis and keep the space spick and span.


Traditional handsets and mobile phones are filthy but that doesn’t mean we must spend most of our time to clean them. There are some alcohol wipes that can take care of the office phone. However, if it is a cell phone, it needs a bit more care. A microfiber cloth in that case can help to get rid of the dirt and oil on the phone. Wiping down the phone every day is a good practice.

Apart from these, there are many other things that should be cleaned on a regular basis like bathroom, door handles, light switches, toilet flusher, remote control and so on.


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