10 Best Practices for PPC Landing Pages

If you are experiencing a tough time optimizing your PPC landing pages, then here are the proper ten best practices, which will help to significantly bring about improvements in the results of the PPC management campaigns. Follow each of these ten ideal practices and check how your PPC conversion rate goes much higher.

i. Keywords Relevancy Is Extremely Significant
Keyword relevancy is the chief concern to PPC management. You need to bid on the right keyword for building up an effective marketing campaign. So, you have to spend a good time on Google AdWords. Hence, you need to research the right keyword and create compelling ads. Even you have to surely create and assign the keyword relevant landing pages.

ii. Title Tags and Meta Data Must be Fully Used
There should be relevant title tags along with meta descriptions for the landing pages since this makes the particular business search engine friendly. The click-through rates can be substantially increased by adding the necessary and proper metadata on the landing pages.

iii. Content is the Ultimate King
The content of the landing pages should be user-friendly and convincing. A good PPC campaign complements the landing page’s contents as both combined, provides the customers with their needs. Ultimately, the conversions take place. Writing relevant, easy to understand and concise contents with catchy taglines get the audiences’ attention. The content length and headline must be minimal. Contents providing answers to the users’ questions help them to get a good overview of the business product.

iv. Make sure to direct the customers towards the call-to-action button
A customer leaving the website because he did not get the Call-to-Action or CTA button is absent, is most troublesome and tragic to the business. After a customer clicks on the ad and spends considerable time on the website, and he decides to purchase your products and service, then to contact you, he/she must have the Call-to-Action button to contact you. So, you need to have compelling CTA phrases and place the CTA buttons smartly on the landing page. For instance, with “Buy Now’, “Find out More” buttons, you have to carefully choose the action buttons to work best for all your potential customers.

v. The Little Things Are Not to Be Ignored
Take care of each essential; test the form styles, form fields, and the button colors of the landing pages. Each factor is significant and largely affect the landing page’s performance.

vi. Creating the User-Centered Design
If a landing page is designed poorly, then the PPC quality score is sure to decrease. So creating a user-centered design will grasp the potential customers’ attention. The priority must be mobile-first designs, to benefit the users to access the web using their mobile devices. Also, there should be a few emergency exits on the landing page. Along with keeping up to the page quality, the users must even have the opportunity in navigating off the landing pages.

vii. By No Means, Should the Customers be Distracted
The most essential feature of the user-centered approach is the visitors must never be distracted through excessive pop-ups, chat-bots, tracking pixels, and push notifications. A PPC management is the good one when the potential customers are grabbed through search. In their journey, they are taken to the landing page and quickly converted. If anything comes in between and is likely to ruin the user’s experience, then those factors should be removed.

viii. The Need for Speed Should be Fulfilled
According to Google, 53% of mobile visitors are sure to leave a page that takes more than four seconds loading time. Thus, it is of no matter, if the PPC landing page is having the best content and design if the web page is not loading right within 3 seconds. The customer is bound to switch over to the next. So, with the fast and responding landing web page, the customers’ attention can be grabbed successfully.

ix. Customizing the Pages Carefully
The customized landing page designed for a specific user-base is a great idea. Moreover, while customizing a landing page, the designers follow the rules carefully since the users could have genuine privacy concerns. You could tweak the content and design of the landing page on the basis of the users’ location, entry channel, and demographics. But the design should be personalized based on the users’ preferences and the services being provided.

x. The Customers Must Be Always Considered Before Conversions
Undoubtedly, Conversions is the ultimate goal of the PPC campaign management. This goal is possible to be achieved when the customers are given the first priority. It is essential to cater to the customers, their needs valued, and then conversions will be automatically following. A well-prepared PPC campaign added with an enticing landing page ensures the best quality score and many conversions.

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PPC management is not just about setting up the price for the products and services sold online to attract customers. PPC management comprises a list of rules in the form of ten commandments, which when followed closely and exactly, retains the customers for the present and even later.

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