Hire A Licensed Surveyor for Identification Survey in Perth

Several good reasons justify that an Identification Survey has to be done by a licensed surveyor at the time of purchasing land in Perth. Carrying out the Identification Survey saves the purchaser immense sum of money and time in the future.

An Identification Survey displays the structures on the land in relation to its boundaries – a registered or licensed surveyor in Perth should do all these surveys. When an Identification Survey is done, then the location of the building adjacent land or on the land as well as the fences present, are identified.

Particularly, an identification survey finds out:

Whether there is the presence of any encroachments by the fences or the buildings on the standing land
• Whether the building or the fences are overhanging the adjoining land
• Whether encroachments by the adjoining buildings are standing on the land
• Whether encroachments by the adjoining buildings are overhanging the subject land

Even the easements on the land are identified and whether the surveyed land is complying with any easements conditions will be commented on the report.

When the licensed surveyors conduct the Identification surveys, then these prove themselves fruitful in different circumstances like:

  • At the time of purchasing the land, the subject land has to be identified and the existing problems if any have to be detected before purchasing the land. The Identification Survey will help the Council to check for the unapproved extensions and additions to the buildings that are there or not.
  • At the time of re-fencing the land, to make an assurance that the new fences have been placed in the right location. The boundaries need to be marked for ensuring the construction is accurate.
  • Through the identification surveys, boundary disputes between the neighbours are solved by determining the dividing boundary’s exact location.
  • At the time of refinancing the land with a financial intuition, the current identification survey proves to be of great help.

While planning the modifications and additions to the structures on land, like extending the present building or adding a new one, Council requires the Identification Survey for ensuring the new constructions do not encroach upon the adjoining land.

Often the surveyors face problems if the Council has not approved the encroachments or the structures. All these matters can be resolved with time and cash.

At the time of purchasing a property, preparing an identification survey by hiring a licensed surveyor is a must. Even the expense is within the capability as the average cost for the identification survey is about 0.25% of the property’s purchase price.

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