When is the Right Time to Photograph a Real Estate Property?


Photoshop might be awesome but cannot win against the great photos. To derive superior results, the first step is to click the best photos of the real estate properties to be sold. The key element, which will make or break the real estate photos, is when the photos are being clicked.

Making or Breaking the Photos
The real estate photographers choose the time of the day to shoot the property for selling or the photos to exert a better influence, free from any kind of touch-ups.

Hence, it is vital for the photographers to choose the best time and professional photographers can always advise you on this matter.

But consider the four essential tips to ensure you have chosen the right shooting time.

i. Identifying the Aspect of the Property
The various aspects of the property include its orientation related to its four compass points which are helpful in identifying the ideal time to photograph the exterior. Different orientations demand different ideal times to shoot.

  • Morning is perfect for the East-facing real estate properties.
  • The afternoon is correct for the West-facing properties.
  • Any flexible time between 10.00 and 14.00 is super for the North facing properties.
  • Either early in the morning or the evening is suitable for the South facing properties.

The supporting reason to photograph the real estate properties having different aspects at different daytimes is that the sun has to be behind when the customers are looking at a home. Hence, the photos are bright being saturated with colour.

ii. Taking the Interior Lighting into Account
While determining the right time to shoot the interiors for real estate photography, then the first thing to consider is whether it is a dark house internally. It could be because of the décor and the furnishing, which include the floors, dark walls, furniture, and shady location. For shooting dark properties, mornings are the preferred time or else afternoon but not dusk. It ensures the artificial lights of the property are balanced with the exterior light. For the right results, the light bulbs have to be matched with the brightest wattage.

iii. Keep the Dusk Photos Realistic
The gorgeous photos of the dusk properties are admirable. At the same time, dusk real estate photography is stunning when the external lighting is abundant and there is sufficient bright lighting inside. But the low set real estate properties with dark interiors and exteriors, like the dark brick, will not look attractive when photographed at dusk. These properties should be shot in the daytime, as it is appropriate for their individual aspects.

iv. Be Concerned About the “Hero Shots”
The “hero shot” is the chief photo to be featured on a signboard or for online listing. Hero shots include the manicured backyard, pool, and the front of the real estate property. The aspects are even included in the list. While taking the shots, the shadows have to be minimized and the appealing and bright sides have to be maximized. For instance, the afternoon is the right time to shoot when the house with the swimming pool east facing and the pool is on the west side.

Are you still wondering when is the right time for real estate photography, then you can get it shot during the morning, as per the general rule of thumb. It is because morning light is clear compared to the afternoon light. Morning light is basically blue or white light, while there is some orange glow to the afternoon light. Orange glow creates a moody look that is often not required. So, the safest time is in the morning.


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