Things To Know – About Walking Abnormalities

Walking abnormality is uncontrollable and abnormal walking patterns. It can be caused by a genetic disorder or some other factors like leg injuries or diseases. Walking abnormality can affect bones, muscles and nerves of your legs. This abnormality can happen in your entire leg or just at some parts of your leg like knee or ankle. Many foot problems result in the walking abnormality. Some of the problems can be long-term. However, in severe cases, you need to consult with a podiatrist. He or she can treat any type of foot diseases.

Things To Know About Walking Abnormalities

What are the causes of walking abnormalities?

Bone fractures, cuts or bruises can make walking difficult. However, many diseases can affect your brain, spine, nerves as well as your legs. These diseases can cause walking abnormalities. The common causes behind walking abnormalities are arthritis, leg injuries, bone fractures, infections in damaged tissues of the legs, tendonitis, psychological disorders, disorders in the nervous system and club foot. Among these disorders, some of them may exist for a very short term. However, some permanently stay and cause walking abnormalities.

Symptoms for walking abnormalities

Based on the symptoms of walking abnormality, it is classified into five types. They are propulsive gait, scissors gait, spastics gait, steppage gait and waddling gait. These symptoms are common. A limp is considered as a walking abnormality. It can be temporary or permanent. Therefore treatment needs to be done for the issues related to foot pain.

How to the diagnosis of walking abnormalities?

The podiatrist will physically examine you first and then he or she observes your walking patterns. He or she will also check your medical history. The podiatrist will perform some tests to determine your muscles and nerve functioning. He or she will also perform an imaging test to check for the broken bones. This test is done if you have recently had a big leg injury. In some cases, MRI test is also performed to check for ligaments and torn tendons.

How to treat walking abnormalities?

Depending upon the instances, some of the walking abnormalities such as abnormality due to trauma, broken bone or fracture can be treated. Even surgery can be used for some injuries. If the infections cause walking abnormalities, antiviral or antibiotics can help to heal these problems. Sometimes physical therapy also can treat these abnormalities. Apart from that, those who are suffering from permanent walking disorder, they will be provided with some assistive devices like a walker, leg braces, a cane and crutches.

If you have these types of walking disorders, you must visit a foot specialist or a podiatrist. He or she will diagnose your problem, perform some tests and determine the exact cause. Always try to choose a good clinic for the examination.

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