What Are The Benefits of Low-Level Laser Therapy?

A laser is typically a device, which emits light. Low-Level Laser Therapy or LLLT as it is called makes use of coherent, low-intensity light in particular wavelengths for penetrating the tissue without heating or hurting the body tissue or skin. The treatment is best suited for relieving the pain that occurs from plantar fasciitis. It is a painless, quick, side-effect free, non-invasive treatment. At times of acute injury, the process can help in restoring the body to its normal state quickly.What Are The Benefits of Low Level Laser Therapy?

How does low-level laser therapy work?

The low-level laser therapy has numerous effects on the tissues of our body. They are all positive and are as follows:

Reduces Inflammation
Nitric acid production increases in low-level laser therapy. This helps to increase the width of the blood vessels and brings oxygen & other molecules to the tissues that are injured thereby reducing inflammation and promoting cell healing.

Relieves pain
The treatment done through LLLT can stimulate the production of serotonin, endogenous opioids and pain-reducing molecules. It has an inhibitory effect on the pain receptors. Researches show that LLLT treatment gives more relief from pain than any other anti-inflammatory medication.

Low-level laser therapy can stimulate the production of an organic chemical called adenosine triphosphate(ATP). ATP provides energy that can help to drive processes in the cells of our body. This is one of the important molecules that can be used to provide energy to the cells. It also helps reduce cell damages.

What are the conditions that LLLT can heal?

• Tendinopathy or tendinitis
• Injuries in soft tissues such as strains or sprains
• Joint conditions
• Post-surgical healing
• Arthritis
• Wound healing
• Neuropathic pain

When and where LLLT cannot be used?

• Thyroid eye disease
• Over tattoos
• During the pregnancy to the cancerous area of the uterus.

Number of treatments required
In the case of acute conditions, 3 to 6 treatments are needed. In chronic injuries at least 15 treatments are needed. Depending upon your conditions, the physician will either ask you to come regularly or twice a week for the treatment.

Benefits of low-level laser therapy

• Drug-free
• Safe
• Non-invasive
• Painless
• Relatively quick treatment times

There are numerous benefits of low-level laser therapy. However, if you want the best result, do visit the best podiatry clinic in Perth. They have a skilled team and reputation in the local market.


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