What Are The Important Things About Ocean Freight Transport?

Ocean freight transport plays a crucial role in transporting large freight or goods to the different countries of the world. Many businesses choose this service to transport their large volumes of goods as it is most economical as compared to others. Sea freight services are one of the oldest methods of transportation.

These services are highly available since waterways and seas cover most of this planet. In fact, around 90% of goods are transported throughout the world by international sea freight shipping industry. There are some other alternative options are also available for transporting goods like rail freight services but choosing sea freight service is always beneficial.

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Transportation Done Through Ocean Includes:

1. Coastal shipping
2. Overseas shipping

Coastal Shipping: In coastal shipping, the goods are transported within a country. It is the quicker and cheaper mode of freight transportation. It is ideal for carrying bulky, heavy as well as cheap traffic such as iron ore, coal to very other places. Coastal shipping can serve well in limited areas.

Overseas shipping: In overseas shipping, goods & materials are transported internationally. It is also affordable & practical for transporting goods in bulk quantities. The 3 kinds of water vessels are generally employed in this shipping service. They are liners, tramps and tankers.

• Liners: Liners have fixed routes, charges and time. An owner of the sea freight has a number of vessels of their own. Liners always offer regular and uniform service. They sail on scheduled date & time, whether full of goods or not.

• Tramps: Tramps do not have any fixed route. They also have no rate schedule or set of rules. Until and unless the cargo is full, they do not sail. They can readily be sailed anywhere irrespective of time. In comparison with liners, trams are a little slow. It is mostly suitable for carrying bulky and seasonal goods.

• Tankers: These are actually vessels specifically designed for carrying petrol, oil or any other liquids. The capacity of these vessels is very high. However, some other companies may have supertankers. The capacity of the supertankers are 4 to 5 times higher than general tankers.

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These are some important things about ocean freight transport service. This service is highly safe, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and efficient. If you are looking for an economical and safe transportation service then ocean freight service will be perfect for you.

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