How To Care For Acrylic Displays

How To Care For Acrylic Displays .jpgIt would be needless to say that acrylic displays are one of the most popular forms of advertising media right now in the market. And there are plenty of reasons which can explain their preference. First of all, they help in presenting products impressively for attracting more customers. Secondly, they look like glass but have none of the disadvantages associated with the material. Thirdly, they can be created in a variety of shape and colour options. Fourthly, they are highly durable and shatter-resistant.

From the characteristic properties of acrylic displays mentioned above, it can be easily comprehended that they do not require extensive maintenance. However, a decent amount of care has to be exercised in order to extend their lifespan. Thus, in case you are planning to invest in Perspex or Plexiglass displays in Sydney, here are a few things that you will need to bear in mind:


Clean Them On A Regular Basis

A cleanup job for acrylic displays does not have to be complicated. It can be as simple as a wipe down using a soft cloth and soap water solution. However, your best bet would be an anti-static cleaner that offers protection against scratches. Never ever use any window or solvent-based cleaner, as it will weaken the material over time and cause it to crack. Instead, you can utilise a quality furniture polish as a substitute for anti-static cleaner, but take care so as not to apply it often, just once every couple of weeks or so.

Eliminate Scratches

In case you find scratches and small abrasions on your acrylic displays, buy some metal polish wadding. Make sure to rub it in straight motions on the affected spots only. The abrasions will either disappear entirely or fade enough to become nearly invisible. Once the scratches have been eliminated, you can spray some furniture polish for performing a final cleanup.

Drill Holes Carefully When Necessary

If you have to drill holes for hanging them up somewhere, you must exercise extreme caution so as not to damage the glass. Regrind your drill bit down to zero rake to prevent it from pulling through. Do not countersink holes even by mistake, as the screws would gradually pull apart the holes and form cracks.

Following these tips will not only enhance the durability of your investments, but also preserve their chic and professional look for several years to come.


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