Display Mineral Specimens The Right Way

Display Mineral Specimens The Right Way .jpgAre you an enthusiastic mineral collector and have got fantastic specimens in your repertoire to boast of? Then it is very important that you display your collections properly to show how precious they are and how you feel about them. Some mineral gatherers have been known to store their findings inside cardboard boxes in the basement, which is a very unimpressive way to treat the beautiful crystals and stones. If you wish for people to be awestruck after taking a look at your mineral collections, you ought to establish a display system that speaks in favour of their fundamental significance. Given below are a few effective tips that you can use:


Choose a properly ventilated and dry area that does not receive direct sunlight. This is because moisture and sunlight can damage minerals and trigger colour fading. In case you have valuable items in your collection, then consider investing in security measures like locks, alarm system, etc.


For exhibiting your precious minerals, select attractive, durable and long-lasting display cases. You can simply locate a reputed Perspex fabrication business and have bespoke displays created by them. Install proper lighting in them to make sure that your minerals are effectively illuminated – your best bets would be LED light strips, warm or cool fluorescent tubes, or incandescent bulbs.


It is very important that you arrange the minerals ideally to make the displays look more eye-catching. Is your collection quite a large one? Then separate the best pieces from geological samples, reference specimens, and the like. Keep your finest pieces on the front, while your least favourite ones behind them.


There should be enough space between the specimens for allowing an onlooker to focus on just one at any given moment. While smaller pieces usually do not need much room around them, larger ones do. Keep this in mind and avoid making your display seem overcrowded.


Labelling is a vital measure when it comes to creating the perfect mineral display. Not everyone who comes to view your collection would know the name of each and every specimen. You ought to improve their viewing experience by tagging your pieces with neat, simple & pretty labels.

Weeding Out

Every now and then, go through your gatherings and eliminate the ones that are just junk. Replace them with high quality specimens that you collect gradually.

Thus, use these tips to establish an awe-inspiring display and show off your minerals in all their glory.


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