The Australian Financial Services Licence: What does it stand for?

Australian financial services license or AFS licenses have some general obligation for providing fair, honest, and efficient financial services and solutions. The Australian Financial Services Licence or AFS License used to conduct the financial services business in Australia. This license is generally issued by the ASIC or Australian Securities Investments Commission. If you would like…

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AFS Licence: Definition and importance

AFS Licence: Definition And Importance

The Australian Financial Services Licence is also known as AFSL or AFS License used for conducting financial services business in Australia. This is a very popular and essential license mainly issued by the Australian Securities Investments Commission or ASIC. If you are planning to run your financial services business in Australia, you should have an…

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Anti Money Laundering As Chief Priority For Financial Institutions

Anti-Money Laundering refers to every policy and legislations forcing the financial institutions to monitor the clients proactively, for preventing corruption and money laundering. The Anti Money Laundering law involves reports of both the financial institutions as well as financial crimes, and the laws would take every measure to stop these crimes. Reasons Why Anti Money…

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