Can A Fabric Bedhead Be Added to Platform Bed?

Are you aware of how should you add a fabric bedhead to a platform bed? The information has been covered here. Read till the end. You can add different bedheads types made of wood, metal and fabrics to your platform bed But the best among the three materials is fabrics. The platform bed’s width and height accurate measurements are extremely important for a good fit. The simplified modifications in the form of brackets, running a wood stretcher in between the bedhead’s legs and having the extra pilot holes drilled for screws are needed for attaching the fabric bedhead to the platform bed’s frame. The wall-mounted fabric bedheads from a renowned store in Sydney as well as the freestanding design simplifies the process to a greater extent.

In the Modern Settings
The floating fabric bedheads with the built-in nightstands have sleep designs, thus making the perfect complement to the modern, low-profile bedroom furniture, with the clean, simple lines of a platform bed. Mounting the bedhead to the wall by using sturdy wood or metal cleats at any height, is ensured that the bedhead is mounted at the proper height for the bed. Next, the distance from the mattress’ top to the floor has to be measured. The built-in nightstands must be equal to or else a couple of inches higher than the mattress.

For the Formal Bedrooms
Use a fabric upholstered bedhead for adding a plush look to a platform bed in an upscale bedroom. The upholstered fabric bedheads are available in a variety of styles, which include the wingback bedheads wrapping around the bedframe’s head, thus creating a comfortable backrest while sitting up or else while reading on the bed.
The freestanding upholstered bedheads can be secured to the bed or to the wall. The tufted fabric and nail-head trims are elegant and sophisticated. These bedhead types are the best on being paired with the leather-covered or fabric-covered platform frame.

Think of the Bedheads with Storage!
The fabric bedheads having built-in shelves and storage cubbies create a functional and attractive accessory to the platform bed. These bedhead types do a double-duty, thus providing convenient storage to read materials and extra surfaces for the collectibles and decorative items. These are found in freestanding designs, so there is no need to worry about purchasing extra hardware and modifying them for attaching to a platform frame. The bedheads’ casual look yields them easy for being incorporated into and practically into the decorating styles. The bedheads can be dressed up or down. A finish closely matching the bed frame must be chosen.

Platform bed indeed stand out with the fabric bedhead being added. Follow the instructions as shared here, so that you can be sure of the entire procedure, and you do not have to face any trouble while using them.

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