What is Epson Ink Made Out of and How Long Does it Last?

Epson is having a few sub-brands to use for certain cartridge types. The Epson cartridge box’s front bears the name “DURABrite” or “Claria” in its corner. But these names are referring to the Epson ink formula inside the cartridge. Each cartridge is beneficial and perfectly suitable for a specific printing job.

i. Epson DURABrite Cartridges makes use of a pigment-based ink purposefully made to print texts and images, and is even capable to print high-quality photos. This is an extremely light-resistant and water-resistant Epson ink formula, that makes them highly suitable for the cartridge to be used for a series of printing jobs. So, if you are having a standard Epson home inkjet printer, it will most likely use the DURABrite cartridges.
The popular Epson DuraBrite ink cartridges include Epson 702 series, Epson 802 series, Epson 252 series and Epson 288 series.

ii. Epson’s Claria Photo HD line has been designed particularly for amateur photo printing. Other than the pigment-based black cartridges coming with a few printer models, all these cartridges are dye-based. So, if you have a lower end Epson photo printer, then it will be using Claria Photo HD ink.The popular Epson Claria Ink cartridges include Epson 302 series, Epson 312 series, Epson 202 series and Epson 212 series.

iii. Epson’s UltraChrome HD line is the pigmented based ink made specifically for professional photographers. It is used in high-end photo printers, for instance, Epson SureColor P600. Although the cartridges are a bit costly yet they are worth the investment when you need archival prints or gallery grades. These have print performance ratings for 200 years, thus, you can be assured of the photos remaining bright and sharp for now and future.
The popular Epson UltraChrome HD ink cartridges comprise of Epson 760 series, Epson 324 series, Epson 850 series.

So, what is the lasting duration of the Epson Ink?

In their sealed packaging, the Epson ink cartridges are likely to last up to 2 years. Even after 2 years have passed, you are sure to use the cartridge partially, so do not discard it when you get the “low ink” message. For extending the cartridge’s life, run the built-in clearing function you shall find on your printer. This process is for cleaning the printhead nozzles and dislodging the dried ink likely to have built up over time.

Once the cleaning is done, print a test page for checking the print quality improvement. In case of zero improvements, try to run the clearing functions once or twice, and in most cases, cleaning twice will get the necessities done. But do not run more than twice, since it will deplete some ink inside. If the trouble persists, then you have to buy a new cartridge.

To save on Epson Ink costs, then spend less on purchasing the low-cost compatible cartridge, and switch over to a greater cost-effective option that is the EcoTank printer. Map out your goals when you choose a printer. An inexpensive Epson inkjet printer and printing using compatible cartridges for lowering costs is a good option when printing is done occasionally. But the EcoTank is the best way for saving when you are printing a lot every month and have to print photos. A Brother or HP laser printer, other than an Epson printer is a good option when a lot of printing is done, especially text-based documents. There are compatible cartridges for laser printers too, but they use toner powder other than ink for printing, so they will not be drying out over time. It is good as long-term cost savings.

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