Easy and Smart Ways For Avoiding CCTV Camera Hacking and Preserving Security

Combined with constant vigilance, high-quality security is extremely strong at deterring criminal activities in commercial and residential properties. Installing a CCTV surveillance, monitoring system could be the cost-effective method for ensuring all-time monitoring of your business premise, but it must be prevented from hacking.
Regardless of recent significant advances, CCTV surveillances are still vulnerable to attacks. Together with the advances, malicious hackers are even developing techniques for circumventing security protocols for gaining unlawful access to the installed video surveillance systems.

The main reason for CCTV installation by the professionals of a reputed company in Perth is improving the security level in case, the system has been compromised, and the very purpose of investing in the advanced surveillance system is dying.

Most security systems are miserably vulnerable to hacking, still, you can take better preparations for these eventualities, by understanding hackers’ commonly used methods of gaining access to CCTV surveillance systems.
Following these tips closely, you can prevent hackers from hacking and gaining access to your home security or business surveillance network.

i. Change the Password to Custom From Default
Just by looking at your IP address and using the engines like shadon.io and angry.org for obtaining the specific signature information, the potential hackers will gain easy access to your CCTV surveillance camera. Using these, they will keep on trying the passwords till they have gained access to your whole security system.
You have to change the default factory password for preventing hackers from gaining access easily to your security network.

ii. Keep Your User ID Secured
Next, the hackers will look for the User ID. Resetting the account for granting complete access to the security devices along with its hard drives and also complete access to the overall wireless system. They need the phone number, email and username when the account had been registered. As they get in, they will be viewing the digital video recorder live feed, manipulating the DVR and changing personal user information, thus locking out the user effectively.

iii. Keep the Command Lines Secured
Hackers have the ability in exploiting the backdoor command line of code of the system granting them admin-level access to the system. Contract with the manufacturers serious about their camera protection and release firmware updates routinely, thus fixing the software bugs and patching security vulnerabilities. A few cameras will be downloading and installing these updates and others need checking. The Update button under the Settings menu in your camera’s app will ease it out.

iv. Setting Up Two-Factor Authentication if your camera is offering it
It is an extra layer of security, follow the professional instructions when they send you a single-use passcode through text message, email, authentication app, or phone call along with your username and password while logging in to your account. Likewise, even if the hackers crack your password, they will fail to access your camera till they have gained access to your passcode.

What Should You Do If You Are Suspecting Being Hacked?
In the first place, unplug the camera from its power source. Change the password of your camera’s account using the app and to your router. Ultimately, get in touch with the device manufacturer and local law enforcement.

For protecting your privacy and safety, you have to safeguard your security system by strengthening it with the security intelligence components combined with continuous surveillance. Even if you have chosen indoor and outdoor CCTV cameras, you have to hire professionals for legal installation.

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