What Types of Materials are Used in Artificial Turfs?

Synthetic grass is a very popular option to decorate outdoor areas like backwards, tarraces, and landscapes. It is also called artificial turf made of different types of plastic materials. Artificial turfs are less expensive and require very low maintenance than real grass. In this blog, we will explain the types of materials used in artificial turfs.

Nylon is one of the strongest types of artificial turf available in the markets. Nylon is a synthetic material that is used to make high-quality artificial turf. The main advantage of nylon turf is that it can bear high temperature & heavyweight without losing its shape and colour. Nowadays, nylon artificial turfs are used for a broad range of applications. Once you have installed them, you don’t have to worry about the sun damaging, accidentally crushing, etc. Unfortunately, nylon artificial turfs are expensive as compared to other synthetic turfs in the markets. Due to the high cost, this turf is not used for residential landscaping or backyards. Homeowners don’t prefer this expensive option. 

When property owners are in search of good quality artificial turf within budget, most of them choose polyethylene products. The polyethylene artificial turf not only looks fantastic with vibrant green colours and textures but it also feels very soft & natural as compared to nylon made products. Polyethylene artificial turfs are extensively used for making backwards, landscapes & athletic fields like football, baseball & soccer. Artificial turf installation experts always recommend this material for a number of advantages. Polyethylene turfs are non porous so they never retain odours. They are completely UV-resistant, termite proof, pet and child safe & long lasting. Apart from that, these turfs require very low maintenance. Taking care of these artificial turfs is quite simple as they only need to be brushed or raked gently to ensure that the turf blades look their best.

Last but not the least, polypropylene is a very cheap and less expensive material that provides the least durability. Polypropylene artificial turf is not ideal for outdoor decorating applications as it doesn’t withstand high temperature, heavy weight & other elements. This means if you install polypropylene turf in a hot area, the turf never holds its original shape and texture very well. It may lead to an unnatural-looking landscape. According to professionals, this turf can be used for small indoor applications only. However, this turf never gives you long-lasting performance.

Good quality artificial turf always adds a layer of enhancement to your landscape. You can use it for different applications without spending a lot.

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