Types of Periodic Electrical Maintenance

Electrical maintenance is mainly performed by professional electricians and electrical engineers to keep the electrical components functional and enhance their performance. This maintenance service is used for both commercial and residential purposes. This blog will discuss different types of periodic maintenance services.

Periodic maintenance for commercial and residential equipment
According to the professional emergency electricians in Perth, periodic electrical maintenance is generally done for all types of residential and commercial equipment such as electrical motors, lighting systems, generators, switchgear & control circuits.

Periodic maintenance for home electrical systems
To keep all residential electrical systems functional, proper periodic maintenance is extremely essential. Professional electrical contractors in Perth provide an array of maintenance services to manage your home electrical systems properly. Periodic maintenance services include: 

• Home electrical appliance inspection
• Split systems and air conditioning 
• House rewiring & fault-finding
• Pump motor & component inspection

This inspection service generally comes under residential electrical maintenance services. Professional electrical contractors in Perth specialise in providing all types of electrical maintenance solutions.

Periodic maintenance for electrical motors and generators
This maintenance service is done to keep the electrical motors functional and long-lasting. Following things are provided during the maintenance.

• Voltage & current measurement
• Thermal imaging to follow the temperature of the motor 
• Vibration measuring
• Earthing connection inspection
• Motor rotation sound for finding any abnormal sounds
• Winding resistance inspection

Control circuits maintenance
Electrical control panels & circuits do not have similar components & semi components, as each electrical circuit has its requirements. You need to keep the circuit or panel in good condition by performing some electrical periodic maintenance. Here are the following:

• Keep the panel dust-free & clean 
• Panel working voltage inspection
• Inspection of the circuit for any unwanted noise
• Thermal imaging for the electrical components
• Measuring current if required

Periodic maintenance for lighting systems 
• Turn on lights & inspection
• Checking photocell
• Electrical panel cleaning
• Checking control contactors for unwanted noise
• Lighting panel inspection

Periodic maintenance for electrical transformers 

An oil immersed transformer is one of the essential electrical stationary machines containing oil tanks & other electrical accessories. Periodic maintenance services for these transformers are given below 

• Checking oil levels in the tank
• Checking silica gel colour
• Checking fans & controlling the speed
• Find any abnormal noise in the transformer
• Cooling radiator inspection
• Transformer temperature gauge inspection for current and performance
• Checking the transformer body
• Inspection for leakage

The necessity for periodic electrical maintenance services is huge. The overall performance of electrical equipment is easily determined by this process.

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