The Ultimate Winter Maintenance Checklist for Perth Homes

The winter is going well in Perth. Homes that are still unprepared for the winter is less appealing to the renters. For this reason, seasonal property maintenance is extremely essential for property owners. Apart from that, property maintenance helps to keep the appliances and structural elements completely functional. You can keep track of everything with a seasonal maintenance checklist which is discussed below.

Heating, air Conditioning, fireplace & electrical outlets
According to the electrical maintenance professionals in Perth, air conditioning and fireplace impact energy efficiency significantly. The winter entails balmy weather. Here are some major things to include on a property maintenance checklist during winter:

Inspect & clean the chimneys: For property equipped with fireplaces, it’s essential for ensuring that the vents and chimney are clean & in proper working order. It prevents chimney fires & carbon monoxide or CO poisoning. 

Run the heat or A/C  in the vacant properties: As a part of the seasonal electrical maintenance, experts suggest running the heat or A/C  in the vacant rooms to check their conditions and functionality.  

• Cold climates: According to professional electricians in Perth, a thermostat setting of 40 to 45 °F is perfect for preventing bathroom and kitchen pipes from freezing inside vacant rooms.

• Warm climates: Experienced rooms also suggest running the air conditioning systems to remove excess moisture. It will surely help to prevent mould and mildew growth.

Check all electrical outlets: Checking the electrical outlets is a part of a basic electrical maintenance service. However, when you are planning to make a property maintenance checklist, don’t forget to include the home electrical outlets inspection. 

Gutters, roofs & exterior structures
During winter, gutters, roofs & other structural elements of the property should be checked carefully. Here we share a checklist for maintaining exterior structural elements.

Inspect the roofs for, damages, leaks, missing shingles: Check the roofs for, damages, leaks, missing shingles or warped wood. Call the professionals for ensuring that the property’s roof is in good condition.

Maintain the attic ventilation: Proper ventilation is extremely essential to maintain healthy roofs. This is because inadequate ventilation may result in mould and mildew, wet decking, pest and bird droppings and other structural damages.

Wash the gutters: The gutters protect the internal structure of a property from rain water. Clogged gutters may cause several structural damages to property. Generally, dirt, dust, spills, dead leaves, broken branches and other particles mainly clog the gutters. During winter, you need to clean the gutters professionally to keep them functional and long-lasting.

The importance of seasonal property maintenance is huge. For complete maintenance service, you can talk with professionals near you. They will priorities all your needs.

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