Types of Foams and Fabrics Used in Marine Upholstery 

Marine upholstery mainly applies one of the traditional ways of upholstery solutions to boats and yachts. As compared to residential or commercial upholstery, marine upholstery is quite different as it is mainly exposed to a high amount of sunlight, UV rays, wear and tear, moisture, etc. Experts generally use these foams and fabrics to make the following boat furniture:

• Couches, chairs, and so on
• Covers for several applications
• Sundeck cushions
• Built-in settees
• Marine mattresses
• Blinds and curtains

In this blog, we will briefly discuss major types of foams and fabrics used in marine upholstery furniture.

Generally, Dunlop foams are mainly used in marine upholstery in Northern Beaches. This is a popular foam type that is highly flame retardant. Dunlop foams are properly treated with ultra fresh materials to prevent mould and mildew growth. Dunlop foams are recommended for the level of comfort, bouncing back ability & softness. This is reticulated foam which is absolutely perfect for interior boat seating and furniture. This foam assures guaranteed performance for a long time.

Nowadays, different types of foams are used for marine furniture. Some recommended fabrics are mentioned below. 

Vinyl: Vinyl is the most popular upholstery fabric used to make a range of marine upholstered furniture. The main advantage of this fabric is that it’s flexible and hard wearing. Modern vinyl fabrics are made of antimicrobial materials to prevent mould and mildew growth effectively. Apart from that, high-quality vinyl fabrics last for a long time. 

Laminate fabrics: Laminate fabrics are also popular for boat or marine upholstery. These fabrics are highly waterproof and soft. Apart from that, laminate fabrics are also resistant to friction and fire. They are also treated with antibacterial or anti-static materials to prevent mould and mildew growth. Laminate fabrics add a layer of beauty to your boat furniture. They also require very low maintenance.

Mesh fabrics: If you would like to add an authentic feel to your boat furniture, mesh fabrics can be the perfect option to choose. This is also known as string fabric generally made of PVC & it comes in a vast range of colours. Mesh fabrics come with a quick drying feature & it lasts for a longer period. Moreover, good quality mesh fabrics also prevent mould and mildew growth effectively & they last for a long period.

The importance of marine upholstery is huge. Good quality upholstered foams & fabrics are highly fade-resistant, mould-resistant and long-lasting. If you need to decorate your boat furniture, talk to professionals for guaranteed services.

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