5 Specific Reasons For Hiring A Boundary Survey Agency

A Boundary survey is essential for any residential property in Perth. Most house owners in Perth want to hire the expertise of licensed surveyors to settle several property description problems before becoming major problems. In this article, we will show 5 specific reasons to have your property surveyed.

Property lines
One of the common reasons a property owner or landowner needs the assistance of a reputable boundary survey agency in Perth is the location of property lines or boundary lines. These legal boundaries of possession or occupancy are different pieces of information to have before constructing a fence, adding a pavement, a sun-room, or a driveway.

Gores, Gaps and Overlaps
These problems are one of the parts of boundary line certification. Most boundary surveys may include the statement having no discrepancies between the adjoining property and the property boundaries. This can be very pertinent or relevant if the property is next to roads, alleys, streets or highways.

Rights-of-way, abandoned roads or easements
A boundary survey always represents different conditions imposed by the laws reflected in the title report as well as the agreements of the property. The licensed boundary surveyors in Perth always assist their clients with top-notch boundary survey solutions.

Existing improvements
The licensed surveyors in Perth certify and implement that the properties and other alterations, improvements as well as repairs to the properties that already exist at the survey time aren’t in law violation or other restrictions. Common restrictions on a property may regard:

● Height
● Frontage
● Building lines
● Dimension
● Set-backs
● Bulk
● Parking

Underground cables and drains
Above-ground wires and poles are obvious, but the reputable survey companies in Perth generally report on the present condition of drains & underground cables as well. This kind of information must be offered to them by the municipalities & utility companies. Such information is crucial for two major reasons. Knowing the particular location of the underground utility can be critical before construction or excavation begins.

The importance of a licensed boundary survey is huge. Apart from a boundary survey, many property owners want other particular certifications.

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