How High Should the Headboard of Your Bed Be?

When you have bought a new bed or have upgraded the present one recently to a wider mattress, then the bed needs a headboard to be complete. You are sure to have a few obvious questions, like how high should the headboard be. Can any type of bedhead be used? But you can get all the answers to your questions when you consult the best headboard makers in Sydney.

The standard-sized headboards for any property in Sydney must be wide, or else, they have to be four inches wider compared to the bed frame. Depending on the bed size, you should position the headboard, so that the maximum height between 14 inches to 58 inches is seen above the mattress. But the suggested headboard’s height is based on the mattress sizes which are –

•Twin – 15 inches above the mattress
•Full and Queen – 29 inches above the mattress
•Kind and Super Kind – 59 inches above the mattress

Rather, a headboard is important and so you need one. But would be able to lower the headboard in case it is out of the recommended height range? What will be the consequences if your headboard is having a gap between the bed and the mattress? All these problems have one solution, and it is the exact height.

How High Should the Headboard Be?

Regardless of these above-listed specifics, the headboards are associated with a few hard and fast rules. While the standard headboards are wide as the bed, or some more inches wider, but most people prefer the extra-wide style covering for the major part of the wall. You can choose the extra tall headboards as for height, while you can even choose the shorter style headboard. It is better to avoid the headboards taller than the bed’s length.
You should install the headboards with their bottom three or four inches below the mattress’ top. The mattress must cover the headboard’s bottom. Occasionally and rather rare, the designed headboards are meant for being exposed to the users.

The given height for each bed size refers to the headboard amount being seen. The actual headboard could be much larger. For instance, the full-frame-bedheads will roughly be having 25 inches only for the frame, and it is covered by the bed entirely. For the twin beds, you can add in 14 inches of the exposed headboards, and then it becomes 39 inches tall.

The tall headboards look fantastic in the rooms having tall ceilings. But the rooms where the entire wall cannot be covered, because there is a painting or a window handing above head, then the short headboards are a perfect choice. With the headboards, the rooms look much compact and comforting.

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