Expert Recommended Gauges for Industrial Welding Inspection

Welding gauge is the popular welding inspection tool used to measure depth, crown height, etc. Let’s discuss 4 essential welding gauges. Welding inspection is extremely essential to check welding defects such as porosity, undercut, cracks, etc. Welding gauge is one of the popular welding inspection tools used to measure depth, amount of porosity, crown height, etc. In this article, we are going to discuss 4 essential welding gauges. 

Bridge cam gauge
Bridge cam gauge is one of the essential welding inspection gauges used to measure the angle of preparation, depth of undercut, excess weld metal, depth of pitting, fillet weld length, weld throat size and misalignment. The general linear measurement of bridge cam gauge is up to 2 inches or 60 mm. A Bridge cam gauge is also called Cambridge Gauge or Universal Welding Gauges. This gauge is made of stainless steel & it is very sturdy as well as long lasting.

HI-LO welding gauge
The HI-LO welding gauge is used to measure pipes internal alignment after installation & to cut radiographic rejects. It can also measure internal misalignment of after and before tacking. Other functions of the HI LO welding gauge are mentioned below.

• Internal misalignment measurement before welding
• Fit-up gap measurement of welding
• The bevel on end preparation measurement
• The weld crown height measurement
• Fillet weld size measurement
• Scribe line & socket welds measurement
• Scribe line & socket welds measurement

The V-WAC welding gauge
The V-WAC welding gauge is mainly used for quick and easy measurement. This welding inspection gauge is essential for compliance with visual welding criteria. It helps to measure undercut depth, porosity amount per linear inch, crown height & porosity comparison. The pointers of this welding inspection gauge are very easy to configure & a locking screw is used for later reference. The stainless steel body makes the gauge very sturdy and long lasting. Moreover, this is a very handy inspection gauge. So, it can easily be carried in the pocket.

Automatic weld size gauge
Last but not the least, automatic weld gauges are typically used to achieve specifications of fillet and butt types welds. This is also a pocket sized instrument & it is easy to set up as well as operate. Modern automatic weld size gauges come with thumb screws that are easy to operate. Key features of automatic weld size gauge include:

• Easy marking
• The concavity and convexity sizes have been predetermined automatically
• Stainless steel body
• Dimensional readings filled & etched chemically 
• Durable and long-lasting

These welding gauges are easy to operate, portable and they are easy to carry in the pocket. They always provide precise and accurate measurement results.

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