4 Common Techniques to Take Care of Marine Upholstery

As the name implies, marine upholstery generally applies traditional upholstery techniques to boats, yachts and cruisers. This is a special type of outdoor upholstery used to make all types of marine furniture including boat chairs, couches, sundeck cushions, marine mattresses, etc. In this blog, we will discuss 4 common techniques to take care of marine upholstery. 

Choose good quality fabrics
As compared to residential and commercial upholstery, marine upholstery always shows certain difficulties. This is because boats, yachts & cruisers are mainly exposed to a high amount of sunlight, moisture, UV rays, wear & tear. So, you have to choose good quality fabrics that are highly fade-resistant, mould-resistant & durable. Moreover, good quality foams require very low maintenance. Marine upholstery professionals also help with both exterior & interior boat upholstery, including:

• Chairs, couches, & so on
• Covers for different applications
• Built-in settees
• Marine mattresses
• Sundeck cushions
• Blinds & curtains

Get rid of visible dust 
Marine upholstery is one type of outdoor upholstery. Over time, dust, dirt, allergens & other tiny particles are trapped into the marine upholstered furniture. Vacuuming and dusting both are the simplest ways to get rid of visible dust and dirt from the marine upholstered furniture. The vacuum cleaner is easy to operate.  However, if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner, you can choose a soft duster to clean the surface dust. Experts suggest vacuuming and dusting regularly. This is because regular cleaning keeps the upholstery clean and long-lasting.

Stop mould and mildew growth
Mould and mildew growth is a major problem for marine upholstery. If you don’t take care of your fabrics and foams, mould and mildew will damage their quality. Professional upholsterers always suggest choosing foams for marine furniture that come with antimicrobial features. This feature helps to prevent the growth of mould and mildew effectively. Apart from that, you can also choose mould and mildew cleaning agents to remove dirt and dust from marine upholstery.

Clean stubborn stains
Last but not the least, you have to remove all types of stubborn stains from the upholstery. Whether it’s residential or marine, stains like tea, coffee, alcohol, urine & other spills can be absorbed into the fabrics. To remove stains and spills, steam cleaning must be considered. This is a very popular and powerful cleaning technique recommended by professionals. In this process, steam is mainly used to remove trapped stains and make the upholstery completely clean.

Good quality marine upholstery foams and fabrics always require very low maintenance. However, daily vacuuming and dusting are always important.

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