How Can You Effectively Take Care of Your Video Intercom System Maintenance?

After you have installed the video intercom system, then gradually, you will be familiar with its functionality and features. While enjoying its incredible security conveniences, you need to ensure maintaining it so the device operates for a long time, and in its best form.

Here are the maintenance steps you must follow for your video intercom system to retain its topmost working condition, once being installed at your property in Perth.

i. Securing The Internet Network of Your Home
The video door phones, as a part of the video intercom systems, use the Wi-Fi operating network of your home. So, the Wi-Fi network of your home determines these devices’ security.
So, if possible, you could have to use the separate Wi-Fi network of the video intercom system of your home. On the other hand, if you use the main Wi-Fi network of your home, then you have to surely protect the network using a strong password. Frequently change the password for keeping it secured if your friends and other visiting guests are using your network’s password.

ii. Protecting Your Outdoor Unit
The outdoor unit is much durable and is able to withstand both slight moisture and dust. So, ensure you have taken all the necessary precautions for protecting it. Make sure the outdoor unit has not been directly exposed to rain, water, and strong sunlight.

iii. Dusting and Cleaning the Outdoor and Indoor Units
Prevent the dust and dirt from accumulating on the video intercom system’s indoor and outdoor. With the outdoor unit being dust, then the video image quality will become poorer. Ensure dusting the microphones, video lens, and speakers frequently using a soft cloth. Do not use harsh household cleaners and such detergents. If they are extremely dirty, then clean it dipping a soft cloth in water, wire it well, and give a wipe-down to the units.

iv. Keeping The Critters Away
The insects like bugs, spiders, and more can enter your device at any time and keep on interfering with its performance. For avoiding this, spray the insecticides and bug repellents on the areas surrounding the video doorbell. But be careful to spray, so they do not get inside the microphone, lens, and other parts of the video intercom system.
On the other hand, you might even use natural repellents like peppermint, eucalyptus, and citrus oils for preventing the spider webs on the video doorbell’s exterior part. Clean it using a soft-bristled brush for keeping the outdoor unit much clean and absolutely free from the cobwebs.

v. Power Plugs
Using only the power plug adapters coming with the video intercom phones is the best. Refrain from using third-party power adapters since it shortens the entire system and damages the device. Even when the system is not being used, then the power plugs should be removed from the socket.

vi. Do Not Try Disassembling the Units on Your Own
If any problems in the device are noticed, then keep yourself at bay from disassembling them on your own. It is because you might end up violating the warranty and damage the device. Therefore, ensure calling up the professional security maintenance team for your support and assistance.

vii. Keeping The Firmware Updated
The professional security firm can provide updates from time to time for improving and enhancing the video intercom system of your home. Ensure you have updated your system right when the new update is being available. It is then that the device keeps on working with perfection in perfect conditions, and free from bugs.

The video intercom systems need careful maintenance, and the primary need of keeping them clean is a DIY process, that we have discussed here. All the technical requirements for flawless functioning and maintenance are the tasks to be taken up by the professionals.

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