How Often Should You Service Your Split System Air Conditioner?

Similar to a car, your split system air conditioner unit requires regular servicing for ensuring its efficient operation. Despite the model, age, or type – your aim should be servicing your cooling system at least once each year. Nevertheless, a few scenarios indicate when you need to call the professionals for servicing it more often. Here are the instances –

• You are having the reason for suspecting your air conditioner is not functioning correctly
• Your split system air conditioning is being used a lot
• For the evaporative system – then your air conditioner must be twice a year. First, before summer sets in, you have to make sure they are efficiently operating and then once the summer is over, you have to decommission before winter.

How Does Split System Air Conditioning Service Save You Money?
When you service your split system air conditioning on a regular basis, then after a few years, it gets enhanced with an additional life, and you need not replace it by spending a lot of dollars. At the same time, when you hire professionals for split system air conditioning service on a regular basis, then they ensure your air conditioner is performing at its best. Then your space will be much cooler, and lower your heating bills. Through regular maintenance, the minor problems are discovered sooner and fixed before they turn into bigger and expensive issues.

What Should You Do For Your Split System Air Conditioning to Run Well?
One effective way for extending your split system air conditioning unit’s life is significant, but the way you are treating it in between the services matters a lot.

In the first place, you have to check, clean, and equally replace the filters on a regular basis. While some systems it can be done for every six months at least, but the systems experiencing heavy usage must be checked after every two months. Replace your filters only with the manufacturer’s recommendation.

At the same time, your air conditioning system should be maintained of its cleanliness. A dearth of cleanliness means, your air conditioner will encounter a series of conditioning problems. But timely cleaning keeps up its performance. Clean the vents and ensure the conditioning unit outside is equally clean. The intake must neither be clogged nor covered.

5 Key Signs Indicating It Is Time For Calling A Split System Air Conditioning Service Professional
Most cooling systems, unfortunately, are impatient to wait till the service and develop a fault immediately. So, to keep your split air conditioning in top condition, then you have to be alert for the signs for your air conditioner unit to perform abnormally or need the necessary repairs.

So, a scheduled split air conditioning service is highly recommended once these signs are spot.

1. Airflow Reduction

When the airflow from your air conditioning unit is reduced, then it is a sign of a severe problem. The filters could be the reason for the blockage at some place, but it could be none of these, while the compressor might need a replacement.

2. Hot Air is Blowing Other Than Cold Air

Air conditioners are supposed to cool the rooms, so once it starts pumping warm air regularly, then there will be a problem. Low refrigerant levels and the faulty compressor are the two most possible reasons.

3.   Energy Bills Are Increasing Unexpectedly Beyond Explanation

Once your air conditioning is undergoing a problem, then it will be becoming a lot inefficient – that indicates higher energy bills. Your rooms might be cool, but energy usage would increase and it signals your air conditioner must be working harder than earlier for achieving the same result. You have to check the filters as well as the vents for these apparent problems, and then on necessity, you have to book the service.

4. Excessive Moisture Leakage 

The small water amount on the unit on the house’s outside is completely reasonable – it is the only condensation. But once you have noticed a large moisture amount, specifically inside the house – this sign is the problem. Normally, there will be a refrigerant leak, so do not touch the liquid, stop the unit usage and then schedule a service.

5. Strange Odours and Noises

Air condition must be nearly silent and of course entirely odorless. A change in the noise level you might hear could be because of the mechanical problem inside the very unit. So, by hiring a professional service, you can well prevent this from taking place. At the same time, the bad smell indicates molds inside your ducting; even it might be a fitter – so check them well first.

The proper functionality of the air conditioner means it needs proper maintenance and servicing. With the level of professionalism, the expert servicemen will ensure your air conditioner is in its proper working order. So, do not the disturbances in the air conditioner disrupt the cooling ambiance at your home.

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