4 Values of Residential Landscape Design

A residential landscape design is the art of developing a house for its value and enjoyment. It also involves understanding the environment around the property. A unique landscaping design always adds a layer of beauty & property value. In this blog, we will explain the 4 values of residential landscape design.

Aesthetic value
An attractive & well-decorated landscape is valuable aesthetically as it adds an extra layer of beauty to the residential property. A good landscape is very pleasing to the owner’s senses. The visual appearance of your property & house can be maximized through unique landscaping ideas & landscape construction in Wodonga. The well-decorated landscape gives, like birds sounds, the breeze rustling the leaves or water flashing in a garden fountain. They maximise the aesthetic value of your house environment. The tough sense is also a valuable feature of the residential landscape aesthetically.

Economic value
A well-designed residential landscape also adds a layer of economic value to property & home. The value of a residential property can be enhanced by 10 to 20% approx as a result of a well-decorated landscape. According to the professionals in Wodonga, a landscape is one of the valuable features of a residential property. One of the major functions of a residential landscape is to increase the beauty & economic value of the property. Apart from that, by buffering temperature & embracing the natural feel, a beautiful landscape can minimize the energy bills of houses. Shrubs & trees are used to buffer noise & they make your landscape more comfortable.

Functional value
Residential landscaping gives a functional value to your landscape. Well-placed shrubs, turf, construction features, trees enhance the use of the residential property. The residential landscape contains a patio, deck, pool, garden, etc. These additions make your landscape more functional. They also make the landscape more entertaining, relaxing & natural.
However, you need to consider some maintenance tips to keep the landscape functional for a long time.

Environmental value
A residential landscape does not only add functional value but also has an environmental value. Through a well-maintained landscape, the seasonal temperature is properly buffered in winter & summer. Wind & glare can be minimized & water is efficiently used. Plants in the residential landscape can clean the air dust & pollutants. The landscape also adds a habitat for different types of wildlife. As the homeowner, you can maintain the landscape to keep environmental value. 

A well-conceived, well-maintained & unique landscape design makes your property more attractive & impeccable. The resale value of the property is also increased.

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