Key Facts About AS1796 Cert 10 & AS2214 Standards

AS1796 cert 10 & AS2214 both are Australian standards for the welding supervision. Check out the major facts about these standards. The manufacture of cost-effective & safe welded structures & welded products is dependent on the control exercised in welding fabrication for ensuring that the welding operations are carried out safely & accurately. The welding supervision is one of the key features of welded fabrication & product manufacture. AS1796 cert 10 & AS2214 both are Australian standards for the welding supervision. Professional welding supervisors in NSW must be certified to these Australian Standards and also seasoned with years of industry experience. In this article, we are going to discuss major facts about AS1796 cert 10 & AS2214 certifications. We further discuss what principles welding supervisors mainly follow.

AS1796 cert 10

The AS1796 cert 10 is one of the essential standards for the welding supervision. The cert 10 supervisors are mainly required to check the overlook specific welding projects for the pressure equipment welding & manufacture. They mainly conduct all types of supervisory activities based on the client specifications & manufacturers.

The certification of welding supervisors to cert 10 mainly requires completion of the practical & theoretical course. The course also covers supervision topics like welding processes, basic metallurgy, inspection & testing. Apart from that, this course also includes the theoretical components for specifications & pressure equipment codes.


This AS2214 certification mainly covers compulsory 120 hours of industrial training with the proper experience to sit for the supervisor examination. Skills covered include:

  • Duties & responsibilities the welding supervisors
  • Symbols, terms and definitions
  • Welding Safety
  • Welding, cutting & other related processes
  • Welding equipment
  • Welding practice
  • Welding Production
  • Welding testing & inspection
  • Basic Metallurgy
  • Application Standards

Apart from that, AS2214 certified welding supervisors have completed the theoretical components for steel structures specifications & codes. They are qualified to find structural steel welding & manufacturing. However, AS2214 certified welding supervisors don’t overview the pressure equipment.

What are the principles they follow?

Cert 10 & AS2214 certified welding supervisors always follow some basic principles. They include:

  • Proper joint setup to draw
  • Use of correct welding consumable
  • Use of preheat
  • Follows the welding method in terms of amps, travel speed & volts
  • Inter-run cleaning
  • Run placement
  • Final visual inspection
  • Complete R&D on the most economical way to weld the components
  • Set the proper welding parameters as well as conditions to minimize the welding defects

In the field of welding supervision, the importance of AS1796 cert 10 & AS2214 is huge. Welding Supervisor qualification may enable you to enhance the bottom line of the company. Welding supervisors also make contributions to the four essential metrics in welding operations including quality, productivity, safety & cost.

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